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  1. LOW Resurrection - Cash Money Briefcase Match
  2. LOW Resurrection - Andre Jones vs Mike Parr vs Kaine
  3. LOW Resurrection - Debbie Diamond vs Mrs. Right
  4. LOW Resurrection - Tyrone Jenkins (c) vs Grim
  5. LOW Resurrection - Rhino vs Diamond Dallas Page
  6. LOW Resurrection Kickoff - O-Beast vs Macho Man
  7. Uprising I: Tyrone Jenkins vs Diamond Dallas Page
  8. Uprising I: The James Gards vs Rhino
  9. Uprising I: Grim vs Jason Hunter
  10. Uprising II: DDP vs Grim
  11. Uprising II: Rhino vs Matt Spears
  12. Uprising II: Mrs. Right vs Claudia Pearl
  13. Uprising II: The James Gards vs Jason Hunter
  14. Uprising III Jason Hunter vs The Jester
  15. Uprising III Matt Spears vs Tyrone Jenkins
  16. Uprising III The Grim vs James Gards
  17. Uprising III Jennifer Pearl vs Xoe Hendrix
  18. [#1 Contenders Match] Jason Hunter vs Matt Spears
  19. [War Cage Match] The Grim vs James Gards
  20. [LOW Womens Championship] Mrs Right vs Xoe Hendrix
  21. [LOW United States Championship] DDP vs Tyrone Jenkins
  22. [LOW World Heavyweight Championship] Mrs Right vs ???
  23. Uprising IV - Cherrie Hilton vs Jennifer Pearl
  24. Uprising IV - Claudia Pearl vs Xoe Hendrix
  25. Uprising IV - The O-Beast vs The Grim
  26. Uprising IV - The James Gards vs Tyrone Jenkins
  27. Uprising IV - Jason Hunter VS Matt Spears
  28. Cherrie Hilton vs Xoe Hendrix
  29. The O-Beast vs The Grim
  30. Jason Hunter vs Shawn E. Caine vs Tyrone Jenkins
  31. Jason Hunter vs. O-Beast - No DQ Match
  32. Matt Spears vs. The Grim
  33. Rhiannon O'Brannon vs. Claudia Pearl
  34. Uprising VII Jason Hunter vs Tyrone Jenkins
  35. Uprising VII "The Impact Player" Anthony Leonhart vs. The Grim
  36. Uprising VII Rhiannon O'Brannon vs. Cherrie Hilton vs. Debbie Diamond
  37. House of Chaos PPV - Debbie Diamond vs Mrs. Right vs Xoe Hendrix
  38. House of Chaos PPV - The Grim vs James Anthony
  39. House of Chaos PPV - Anthony Leonhart vs The James Gards
  40. House of Chaos PPV - Jason Hunter vs Tyrone Jenkins
  41. LOW Uprising VIII - The Grim vs Dan Michaels
  42. LOW Uprising VIII -"Banfaith" Rhiannon O'Brannon vs Debbie Diamond
  43. LOW Uprising VIII - James Anthony vs Anthony Leonhart
  44. LOW Uprising VIII - Battle Royal to Determine Number One Contender for the LOW Title
  45. LOW Uprising VIIII - Cain Archer vs Jason Hunter
  46. LOW Uprising VIIII - The Grim vs James "The Iron Spider" Anthony
  47. LOW Uprising VIIII - Vixens Battle Royal for the LOW Vixens Championship!
  48. LOW Uprising X - Taryn Torres vs Aelina w/Debbie Diamond on commentary
  49. LOW Uprising X - Jenkins & Anthony Leonhart vs James Anthony & The Grim
  50. LOW Destination Destruction PPV - James Anthony vs Kenneth Raidon - X-Factor Title
  51. LOW Destination Destruction PPV - Anthony Leonhart vs Tony Nyrud - US Title
  52. LOW Destination Destruction PPV - Taryn Torres vs Debbie Diamond - Vixens Title
  53. LOW Presents Uprising XI - James "The Iron Spider" Anthony vs Kenneth "The Duke" Raid
  54. LOW Presents Uprising XI - Tony "The Tumor" Nyrud (c) vs Jason Hunter
  55. LOW Presents Uprising XI - Debbie Diamond vs Aelina
  56. LOW Presents Uprising XI - Anthony "The Impact Player" Leonhart vs The Grim
  57. LOW Uprising XII - Andre Jones vs Dan Michaels
  58. LOW Uprising XII - Debbie Diamond vs Hailey Diamond????
  59. LOW Uprising XII - Mike Parr vs Michael Thomas
  60. LOW Uprising XII - Tony "The Tumor" Nyrud vs Kenneth "The Duke" Raidon
  61. LOW Uprising XIII - Jason Hunter vs Anthony Leonhart
  62. LOW Uprising XIII - Tony Nyrud vs Chris Thomas
  63. LOW Uprising XIII - Tyrone Jenkins vs Kenneth "The Duke" Raidon
  64. LOW Uprising XIV - Kenneth "The Duke" Raidon vs Anthony "The Impact Player" Leonhart
  65. LOW Uprising XIV - Taryn Torres vs Lily Garcia
  66. LOW Uprising XIV - Tony Nyrud & Mike Parr vs Tyrone Jenkins & Jason Hunter
  67. Battlezone 2015 - Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a World Title Shot
  68. Battlezone 2015 - The Joker vs ?????
  69. Battlezone 2015 - Debbie Diamond vs Taryn Torres for the Vixens Championship
  70. Battlezone 2015 - Tony Nyrud vs Jason Hunter for US Championship
  71. Battlezone 2015 - Anthony Leonhart vs First Person To RP
  72. Battlezone 2015 - Tyrone Jenkins vs Mike Parr for the LOW World Heavyweight Title
  73. Uprising XVII - Debbie Diamond's Open Challenge
  74. Uprising XVII - Jason Hunter vs Andre Jones
  75. Uprising XVII - Anthony Leonhart vs Majestico
  76. Uprising XVIII -- Tyrone Jenkins vs Majestico
  77. Uprising XVIII - The Joker vs Andre Jones
  78. Uprising XVIII -- Jason Hunter vs Tony Nyrud
  79. LOW Uprising XIX - Tony "The Tumor" Nyrud vs Andre Jones
  80. Uprising XIX - Hailey Diamond vs Miss Faith
  81. Uprising XIX - Mike Parr vs The Joker
  82. Uprising XX - Jason Hunter vs Majestico
  83. Uprising XX - Alaric Bellum-Pacem "The Bringer" Versus Dan Michaels
  84. Uprising XX - Miss Faith & Mystery Opponent versus Hailey & Debbie Diamond
  85. Uprising XX - Mike Parr & The Joker versus Andre Jones & Tony Nyrud
  86. Gears of Mayhem - Debbie Diamond vs Hailey Diamond vs Miss Faith for Vixens Title
  87. Gears of Mayhem - ABP vs The Joker
  88. Gears of Mayhem - Andre Jones vs Jason Hunter
  89. Gears of Mayhem - LOW World Champion Mike Parr vs United States Champion Tony Nyrud