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    Default LOW Returns: Battlezone VII - First ever Open Fight Night PPV - READ FIRST

    Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Harry Watson. I'm now the proud owner of Legends of Wrestling. I'm not a person that likes to beat around the bush, and sugarcoat the truth, so allow me to express my truest feelings to you fans and former superstars. Legends of Wrestling was once a grand stage for many a superstar. It ONCE was. But now, it lies in a paralyzed state, waiting for someone to make it come to life again. I have not spoken with not one former superstar from this company. I have a very few alliances with former officials, but the majority of the former officials have moved on. So that leaves me, with a former shell of what once was a great and thriving company. I know who the grand champions were. I know who the Hall of Famers were. I know who the jobbers were. Yes, I said Jobber. So I have decided to do something that this company has not thought of yet. I'm going to introduce the grandest stage of Legends of Wrestling, only know as Battlezone. And as for Battlezone VII, we will make a series of matches. The catch to this PPV is simple: No one knows who will be fighting who. Every single match is an Open Fight. Anyone can stroll down that ramp and take part. You can be in multiple matches. However, there is still one simple rule: Men fights Men, Women fights Women - to be fair, of course.

    So, for the card of Battlezone VII will look like this:

    -Clickable Link below-
    LOW Undisputed Champion No Holds Barred Elimination Match
    - If more than 2 people show up, entrants after the 2 that start the match will come in 2 minute intervals.

    LOW Womens Championship Battle Royal
    Last Vixen in the ring wins - Vixens come out after 2 begins in 2 minute intervals

    LOW United States Championship Ladder Match

    Hall of Fame Superstars Battle Royal - Winner receives a Mystery Prize (trust me, it will be worth it)

    LOW All for All Match - This is the only match in the card where men and women can fight each other.
    Any and all can participate

    And that is the LOW Battlezone VII card. This PPV's results will determine this company's future. Granted, I'm a bit excited, and over hopeful, because I really want this to work. So to all who hear this message, I'm hoping that you will show up and show out. You don't have to sign up. All you have to do is show up, and we will work out the sign-up contracts later. Let's resurrect Legends of Wrestling to a better glory. My name is Harry Watson, and I cannot wait for Battlezone VII.

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    Debbie will be there!!!

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