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    Default Glorious Maxxwell Presents: Grand Prix Wrestling

    Bringing together the best and brightest of independent wrestling, Grand Prix Wrestling is the premier independent wrestling company headed up by Shaun Clarke. Exclusively distributed by YouTube, Grand Prix Wrestling streams weekly, hour-long wrestling programs. Capped off by monthly super events. No DVDs. No Cable. No $9.99 streaming service to sign up for. Just good wrestling.

    -Current Champions-


    Pending United Tournament


    Upcoming Super Event

    -United Tournament-

    The Colony
    (Winner of The Throwbacks vs. The REP)

    Hallowicked & Frightmare
    (Winner of oVe vs. Ares & Tursas)

    Kevin Steen & El Generico
    (Participants to be announced on Power Hour Ep. 2)

    Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw
    (Participants to be announced on Power Hour Ep. 2)

    GPW Worlds Championship Match
    ECIII vs. Tommy End (c)

    GPW Womens' Worlds Championship Match
    (Winner of Sara Del Rey vs. Kairi Sane) vs. Madison Rayne (c)

    So... a bit of a confession. This isn't exactly a true creative. This is actually a card and dice wrestling game made by Filsinger Games. With different flavors and variations for Legends, Independents, and outright science fiction fantasy. Basically, I'm playing the game (matches) and then building a creative around it. I'm not a genius. People have done this for literal decades on their sites. Just figured I'd bring mine here if anyone wants to read it.
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    From the desk of Shaun Clarke.

    CEO – Grand Prix Wrestling

    For Immediate Release.

    3... 2... 1... Grand Prix Wrestling is set to take off and race to the top of Professional Wrestling with DESTINY, a two night event set to change the very landscape of this great sport.

    The centerpiece of our premier show, Destiny's Gauntlet, is a two stage event where 12 of the most elite professional wrestlers in the world will do battle to determine our first World's Heavyweight Champion. In order to reach the Gauntlet itself. Nine wrestlers will have to win a stage one qualifier. Those qualifiers listed below.

    Delirious vs. Johnny Gargano

    Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Hero

    Tommy End vs. PJ Black

    Tursas vs. Drew Galloway

    Zack Saber Jr. vs. Tim Donst

    Roderick Strong vs. Brodie Lee

    Chuck Taylor vs. Claudio Castagnoli

    ECIII vs. Timothy Thatcher

    Mike Quackenbush vs. Eddie Kingston

    Two wrestlers representing the absolute best of professional wrestler have already been entered into Destiny's Gauntlet. To find out who. You're going to have to watch.

    And that brings us to the twelfth man... Everyone loves a good underdog story. So opening up Stage Two, we have a mini knockout tournament with four men representing the up-and-coming stars of Grand Prix Wrestling. Pinkie Sanchez, Brian Myers, Jigsaw, and Icarus.

    Also, to bring you even more action over DESTINY. Stage One's Main Event will determine our first Worlds' Womens Champion. Sara Del Rey will face off against Madison Rayne.

    Lastly, to cap off Stage Two. Lady Shani will wrestle Kairi Sane in an international exhibition. And TWO preview matches for our next major event, UNITED. Frightmare and Hallowicked face off against Los Primos Riveras, and The Classic Connection take on The Colony.

    We hope you join us, exclusively, on YouTube for Grand Prix Wrestling: DESTINY.

    Main Event – Worlds' Womens Championship Match
    Sara Del Rey vs. Madison Rayne

    Delirious vs. Johnny Gargano

    Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Hero

    Tommy End vs. PJ Black

    Tursas vs. Drew Galloway

    Zack Saber Jr. vs. Tim Donst

    Roderick Strong vs. Brodie Lee

    Chuck Taylor vs. Claudio Castagnoli

    ECIII vs. Timothy Thatcher

    Mike Quackenbush vs. Eddie Kingston

    Destiny's Gauntlet
    12 Men – 2 Nights – 1 Destiny
    9 Qualifiers from Previous Night's Matches
    1 Qualifer from Mini Knockout Tournament
    2 Mystery Entrants

    United Preview Match
    Frightmare and Hallowicked vs. Los Primos Rivera

    International Womens' Exhibition Match
    Lady Shani vs. Kairi Sane

    United Preview Match
    The Colony (Fire Ant and Soldier Ant) vs. Classic Connection

    Mini Knockout Tournament for Final Spot in Destiny's Gauntlet
    (Pinkie Sanchez vs. Brian Myers) vs. (Jigsaw vs. Icarus)
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    Default Destiny - Stage One

    3... 2... 1...

    Emanating from, the historic, Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, New York, Grand Prix Wrestling: DESTINY – Stage One is LIVE on YouTube! The capacity crowd is on their feet and ready for the debut of GPW. We go quickly to the ring, where our ring announcer, Sterling Silver, is standing by...

    Sterling Silver: Ladies and gentlemen. THIS. IS. GRAND PRIX WRESTLING! Our first match. Qualifying for DESTINY'S GAUNTLET!

    Eddie Kingston vs. “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush
    A brutal match where Quackenbush threw literally EVERYTHING in his arsenal against Eddie Kingston. After hitting THREE Quackendrivers back-to-back-to-back, Kingston rolled out of the ring where a wild brawl ensued. Quackenbush was disqualified after throwing a chair at Kingston due to his frustration over being unable to put him away.

    Advancing – Eddie Kingston

    The bell continues to ring as Kingston and Quackenbush continue to brawl. Referees and wrestlers alike come out to break up the fight. Slowly they are dragged apart from one another. As the fallout settles, we head to the commentators' booth where GPW's odd couple play-by-play team: Mike Tenay and “The Sinister Minister” James Mitchell are standing by.

    Mike Tenay: Wow. What a way to start off Grand Prix Wrestling! You usually don't see Mike Quackenbush lose his cool like that during a match.

    James Mitchell: Who knew Squeaky Clean Quack had a bit of darkside in him? I like it.

    Mike Tenay: Well, that's exactly what Grand Prix Wrestling strives to be, Sin-Min. Something you didn't expect. Eddie Kingston advances on to Destiny's Gauntlet.

    James Mitchell: And this is just the beginning, Mike. We still have eight more qualifers to go in Destiny's Gauntlet... AND Sara Del Rey's facing The Killer Queen, Madison Rayne for the Womens' Worlds Championship.

    Mike Tenay: Absolutely! This is just the beginning for Grand Prix Wrestling! DESTINY – Stage Two tomorrow night... And then our weekly show. Power Hour. Live every week, on YouTube. Don't forget to like and subscribe!

    James Mitchell: … Look at you, Mike. Already hitting the trendy buzzwords.

    ECIII vs. Timothy Thatcher
    ECIII makes quick work of Timothy Thatcher after driving his skull to the mat with the One Percenter.

    Advancing – ECIII

    Chuck Taylor vs. Claudio Castagnoli
    Claudio did not take kindly to Chuck slapping him in the face at the beginning of the match and systematically decimated him before making him submit with the Inverted Chikara Special.

    Advancing – Claudio Castagnoli

    Mike Tenay: And that's it folks, Claudio forcing Chuck Taylor to submit with the Inverted Chikara Special.

    James Mitchell: Yeah. You don't have to be a wrestling expert to predict how that one would go. Ehhh... probably shouldn't slap a man with the nickname “Swiss Superman.”

    Mike Tenay: Back to the drawing board on that one... At this time, we're going the interview set with our backstage correspondent, So Cal Val, who is standing by with one of the challengers for tonight's main event. Madison Rayne.

    We cut to GPW's backstage interview set. So Cal Val, with a smile on her face and microphone in hand, is standing next to “The Killer Queen” Madison Rayne.

    So Cal Val: Thank you guys! And thank you, Madison, for taking a moment to talk with us. Tonight, in the main event of DESTINY – Stage One, you're facing Sara Del Rey to crown Grand Prix Wrestling's first Womens' Worlds Champion. What's your thoughts going into the match?

    Madison Rayne: Well... I'd be lying if I said this was going to be a walk in the park. I don't think there's a better wrestler in the world, pound-for-pound. Man or woman. Better than Sara Del Rey. Death Reys can't stop a Killer Queen. I'm going to throw everything I have at her, and I'm walking out the Worlds Champion. End of discussion. The Queen has spoken.

    We cut back to ringside for our next match.

    Roderick Strong vs. Brodie Lee

    Brodie Lee was just too much for Roderick Strong tonight after a combination of Big Boots and damage to his knees from being whipped into the ring steps.

    Advancing – Brodie Lee

    Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Tim Donst
    Starting as an exciting back-and-forth wrestling contest, ZSJ, with superior skill, took advantage of the match and pulled out the win with a Sabre Driver.

    Advancing – Zack Sabre Jr.

    As ZSJ celebrates his victory, in ring. We quickly cut to the back, where a cameraman is racing down the hallway.

    Mike Tenay: Sorry to cut off Zack Sabre Jr.'s win, but we have word there is some sort of fight going on backstage. Our cameraman is making his way over to the commotion. Looking like a horror movie set, blood is splattered on the ground and various tables and television production boxes. Just as the cameraman arrives on the scene, so do a cadre of referees and production staff. With a lead pipe on the ground, Eddie Kingston is bleeding profusely as Mike Quackenbush has him locked up in the Chikara Special. Kingston isn't moving as the officials attempt to pry him off.

    James Mitchell: Damn. What a bloodbath!

    Mike Tenay: Kingston doesn't look like he's conscious! They need to get Quack off him!!!

    James Mitchell: Quackenbush is usually a boyscout through and through. Losing his spot in Destiny's Gauntlet really brought the worst out of him!

    Various officials scream at Quackenbush to release the hold, which he eventually does. Staring at the down Kingston, he slowly skulks away. Kingston is still down and not moving.

    Mike Tenay: Oh god. Do we have an ambulance in back? We need to get Kingston some help!

    Tursas vs. Drew Galloway

    Shockingly quick match out of nowhere. Drew Galloway picks up the win after hitting a flying cross body, followed by his signature Double Arm DDT.

    Advancing – Drew Galloway

    Tommy End vs. PJ Black

    Using a series of devastating kicks, followed by two Owari Death Foot Stomps, PJ Black barely gets a punch in against The Harbinger of Fury.

    Advancing – Tommy End

    As End makes his way to the back, we cut backstage, once again to So Cal Val. She walks over towards Sara Del Rey, who is doing hindu squats. Zoned in on getting ready for her match today.

    So Cal Val: Sara Del Rey. Sara. Can we get a moment of your time?

    Del Rey continues her squats, half ignoring Val.

    Sara Del Rey: There's nothing to say. I'm winning tonight. I'm going to be your next Womens' Worlds Champion. End of story. Nothing to say.

    With a look of disappointment and confusion. Val shrugs her shoulders.

    So Cal Val: … I tried guys. Back to Tenay and Mitchell at ringside.

    James Mitchell: She's one of the best, Val. Don't waste her time.

    Mike Tenay: Like Sara Del Rey said, there's nothing to say. Someone's confident about walking out with the Worlds Championship.

    Delirious vs. Johnny Gargano

    After an errant superplex attempt, Delirious hits Gargano with the Shadows Over Heck, followed by a Praying Mantis Bomb for the win.

    Advancing – Delirious

    Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Hero

    Hero and Danielson put on a wrestling clinic. Danielson came within a whisper of losing with the Cyclone Kill early on, but kicked out. Hero attempted to take the fight ringside, which lined up Danielson to take out the Wrestling Genius with Cattle Mutilation.

    After the bell, Danielson rolls to his knees and raises his hands in the air. Hero quickly rolls out of the ring, clutching his shoulder. Angrily, he slams his other fist on the mat. They lock eyes, with Hero nodding in respectful approval before making his way to the back. The American Dragon continues celebrating his victory.

    Advancing – Bryan Danielson

    Main Event – GPW Womens' Worlds Championship Match
    Sara Del Rey vs. Madison Rayne

    Both ladies pulled out all the stops in this match. Rayne threw every move in her arsenal against Sara Del Rey, who refused to go down. Sara Del Rey mounted an offense and looked to have the match at hand, but after a boot to the head and roll up from Madison Rayne, with a handful of tights. The Killer Queen pulled through with a Rayne Drop for the win.

    Winner, and NEW GPW Womens' Worlds Champion – Madison Rayne

    Sterling Silver: Ladies and gentlemen. Your winner of the match and NEW... Grand Prix Wrestling Womens' Worlds Champion. “The Killer Queen,” Madison Rayne!

    James Mitchell: What the hell! The Queen actually did it!

    Madison Rayne slowly pulls herself to her feet, the referee raises her hand in victory and hands her, her hard won, championship.

    Mike Tenay: There it is GPW! Madison Rayne makes history. Winning the Worlds Championship! It didn't seem like Sara was going... NO! NO!

    As Madison Rayne celebrates, Sara Del Rey slowly rose to her feet and attacked the champion. Smashing her with a brutal elbow shot to the back of the head. She pulls the Queen back to her feet and quickly drops her with the Royal Butterfly. She grabs Rayne by the hair and pulls her to the feet again, only to drop her with the Royal Butterfly for the second time. The bell is ringing. The fans are booing. Del Rey grabs the belt she came up short in attaining and stares at it. Putting her foot on Madison's chest, she raises the belt into the air, only to throw it down on Rayne before heading out of the ring.

    James Mitchell: Madison Rayne. New Worlds Champion. Just learned a valuable lesson: Never turn your back on an opponent. Even after beating them.

    Mike Tenay: Yeah. Del Rey didn't take that loss well. Even though Rayne grabbed the tights beforehand, Madison still won fair and square. Damn Mitchell, what a night! We crowned a new Womens' Worlds Champion. We have eleven, out of twelve, positions locked in for Destiny's Gauntlet. Stage One is in the history books!

    James Mitchell: Tune in tomorrow night. Same time, same YouTube channel for Stage Two! Thank you for tuning in, and don't forget to like and subscribe!
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    Default Destiny - Stage Two

    3... 2... 1...

    With a sudden crash, a series of highlights open up our show from DESTINY – Stage One. The wild brawl between Mike Quackenbush and Eddie Kingston, Chuck Taylor slapping Claudio Castagnoli in the face and his subsequent decimation at the hands of the Swiss Superman, a series of brutal kicks from Tommy End to PJ Black, Zack Sabre Jr stretching Tim Donst, and Quackenbush locking up a bloody and unconscious Eddie Kingston backstage in a Chikara Special. Ultimately capping off with Madison Rayne capturing the GPW Womens' Worlds Championship from Sara Del Rey with a thunderous Rayne Drop all to the tune of War Ensemble, by Slayer.

    Cut to a live shot of the arena. Stage Two at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, New York. The raucous New Yorkers are on their feet, ready to start the show. After a few sweeping shots of the fans in attendance, we transition to Mike Tenay and, the Sinister Minister, James Mitchell at the commentators' booth.

    James Mitchell: Ladies and gentlemen... Boys and girls, welcome to DESTINY – Stage Two! I am your devilish host and voice of tonight's chaos. The Sinister Minister... James Mitchell! …... and this is Mike Tenay.

    Mike Tenay: *scoffs* Thanks for the lovely introduction, SinMin... We are live for Stage Two. Tonight we are crowning our Worlds Heavyweight Champion. Destiny's Gauntlet! 12 Men. 2 Nights. 1 Destiny.

    James Mitchell: Nine men have already qualified. Well... possibly eight.

    Mike Tenay: Despite doctor's orders and the brutal beating he took last night. Eddie Kingston is hell bent on taking part in Destiny's Gauntlet. Saying Mike Quackenbush, or anyone else, is stopping him from taking the belt tonight.

    James Mitchell: Read the whole quote, Tenay. ...called him Quacken-bitch.

    Mike Tenay: Well. *chuckles* Wanted to keep a bit of civility on this side of the broadcast booth. TONIGHT. Twelve men. The afformentioned Eddie Kingston, ECIII, Claudio Castagnoli, Brodie Lee, Zack Sabre Jr, Drew Galloway, Tommy End, Delirious, Bryan Danielson, two mystery entrants, and the twelfth man. Which we'll find out right now. Destiny's Gauntlet! It doesn't get much better than this!

    James Mitchell: Take it, Sterling!

    Our ring announcer, Sterling Silver is standing by in the ring.

    Sterling Silver: Our next series of matches is a single elimination knockout tournament for the final position in Destiny's Gauntlet! This series of matches are scheduled for one fall. Where the winners of both matches will immediately wrestle at the conclusion of the second match, after a two minute break.

    Pinkie Sanchez vs. Brian Myers

    A quick match where Pinkie had most of the match in hand, after a failed attempt to throw The Prince of Queens out of the ring. Myers hits the spear for the 1, 2, 3.

    Winner – Brian Myers

    Icarus vs. Jigsaw

    Competitive back-and-forth match. Low impact, not a ton of damage until Icarus dropped Jigsaw with back-to-back Wings of Icaruses for the win.

    Winner – Icarus

    Final Position in Destiny's Gauntlet
    Brian Myers vs. Jigsaw

    Amazing match that saw Icarus dominate the early goings of the match. But again, attempting to throw Myers out of the ring spelled disaster for Icarus. Myers took control of the match, and after a wild finish that had both men throwing everything at each other. The Prince of Queens clinched the win with a pin after a Belly to Back Suplex.

    Advancing to Destiny's Gauntlet – Brian Myers

    Mike Tenay: There it is, folks! The Prince of Queens, Brian Myers advances on to Destiny's Gauntlet. The twelfth man! Before we head to the next match, we have to talk about our next supershow. Grand Prix Wrestling – United!

    James Mitchell: Just as DESTINY – Stages One and Two were about crowning the Worlds Champions... United. Eight Teams. Single elimination tournament put it all on the line to become Grand Prix Wrestling's Worlds Tag Team Champions. The winners of our two United preview matches tonight will guarantee a spot in the tournament.

    Mike Tenay: Just as the preview matches will over our next few weekly Power Hour shows, United will showcase the best of tag team wrestling in Grand Prix Wrestling. We take it to the ring for our first preview match!

    United Preview Match
    The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant) vs. The Classic Connection

    Classic Connection looked to have the match in hand before Shapiro tagged out to Buddy Royal. Fire Ant took control. Culimating with a Beach Break, Shapiro attempted to break up the pin, but Soldier Ant was ready for him. Colony takes the match and the first spot in the United Tournament

    Winners – The Colony

    Sterling Silver: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is an international exhibition. Lucha vs. Joshi!

    Lady Shani vs. Kairi Sane
    Sane and Shani took each other to the limit with an amazing back and forth match filled with high-flying moves, rigid strikes and a dizzing display of Lucha and Japanese arm drags. The action was fast and chaotic. Using all parts of the ring and ringside area. Near the end both wrestlers almost got disqualified, but quickly took the action back to the ring where the Pirate Princess took control of the match and to the skies with an Insane Elbow for the win.

    Winner – Kairi Sane

    As Kairi Sane celebrates her victory. She makes a belt motion around her waist.

    Mike Tenay: Well, if anyone had a case to challenge Madison Rayne for the GPW Womens' Worlds Championship, it would be the Pirate Princess

    James Mitchell: Not so fast, Tenay. Kairi may have shown she's deserving. But there's plenty of fight left in Sara Del Rey.

    Mike Tenay: You may be right, SinMin... Not even two shows in, and the Womens' title picture is already fascinating. Up next folks, we have our second. United Preview Match. We take it back to the ring.

    United Preview Match
    Hallowicked and Frightmare vs. Los Primos Rivera (w/ Caeser B. Black)

    In a fast paced, but intense match. Los Primos Rivera had Hallowicked on the ropes, but a hot tag to Frightmare pushed the odds in their favor. After bringing the punishment, Gino made the tag to Danny who was quickly met with the Kneecolepsy. 1. 2. 3.

    Winners: Hallowicked and Frightmare

    Mike Tenay: And just like that... Frightmare picks up the victory and the second slot in the United tournament for him and Hallowicked.

    James Mitchell: Always good seeing the boys from Sleepy Hollow pick up a major win.

    Mike Tenay: You said it! And with that... here we are. Destiny's Gauntlet. Twelve Men. Two Nights. One Destiny.

    James Mitchell: We're going to be talking about this match for years to come.

    And with that we cut to a highly stylized music video punctuated by all the moments that got us here and a few words from the combatants here tonight.

    Bryan Danielson: This is the American Dragon's Destiny. I will be Worlds Champion by the end of the night.

    Claudio Castagnoli: There's no stopping the Swiss Superman's destiny.

    Brian Myers: Tonight. A prince fulfills his destiny.

    Delirious: Destiny. *indecipherable monologue* Worlds Champion.

    ECIII: Destiny is meant only for those who are important enough for it.

    Zack Sabre Jr: I don't care who's in my way. I'm armbaring my way to what's mine!

    ???: I'm after the biggest prize tonight. Fight Destiny Fight!

    Brodie Lee: This big rig is steamrolling his way to destiny!

    Tommy End: Grand Prix Wrestling's destiny lies in darkness...

    Drew Galloway: This is already over. The Chosen One fulfills his destiny.

    Eddie Kingston: F**k destiny! I'm taking that belt tonight. Nobody's gonna f**king stop me.

    ???: Destiny's... ready to fly.

    We go back to the center of the ring, where Sterling Silver is standing by.

    Sterling Silver: Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to... DESTINY'S GAUNTLET! Our first two competitors. Hailing from Yonkers, New York. Eddie Kingston!

    With his head severely bandaged and walking with a noticeable limp, Eddie Kingston heads down to the ring.

    James Mitchell: Oh no.

    Mike Tenay: Oh good lord! He shouldn't even be in this match, and he's coming in number one!?

    Sterling Silver: And his opponent. Hailing from Marieville, Quebec, Canada. Kevin Steen!

    James Mitchell: Oh, s**t!

    Mike Tenay: Right out the gate. Our first mystery entrant! This is it! Destiny's Gauntlet!

    Destiny's Gauntlet

    First Match – Eddie Kingston vs. Kevin Steen

    Steen went in the for the kill early with TWO powerbomb's on the ring apron. Numerous brawling outside of the ring. Steen repeatedly cutting off Kingston every time he mounted an offense. Out of nowhere. Eddie Kingston hit the Sliding D for a two count, but punctuated it with a Backfist to the Future for the win!

    Advancing On – Eddie Kingston

    Mike Tenay: Oh my god. Oh my god. Backfist to the Future for the win! I can't believe Eddie Kingston pulled it out.

    James Mitchell: At what cost?

    Second Match – Eddie Kingston vs. Drew Galloway

    Drew Galloway looked to put Kingston out of his misery early, but Kingston would not die. Kingston hit two Sliding D's and came up short. Kingston's body finally gave out after The Chosen One nailed him with Thee Move.

    Advancing On – Drew Galloway

    Mike Tenay: Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

    James Mitchell: The Cinderella story is over for Eddie Kingston.

    Mike Tenay: He gave it everything... Could you imagine if Kingston came in fresh?

    James Mitchell: We can't live in a “could've” world, Tenay.

    Sterling Silver: Our next competitor. Claudio Castagnoli!

    Third Match – Drew Galloway vs. Claudio Castagnoli

    The Chosen One and the Swiss Superman was the technical powerhouse of a match everyone was expecting. In a wild back-and-forth, Galloway attempted to throw Claudio out of the ring, only to be countered by a devasting bicycle kick, followed by a Ricola Bomb for the win.

    Advancing On – Claudio Castagnoli

    Sterling Silver: And our next entrant... Zack Sabre Jr!

    Forth Match – Claudio Castagnoli vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

    ZSJ attempted to bring the heat early against the Swiss Superman, but he was just too much for him. In an act of desperation, ZSJ attempted to throw him out of the ring, but Claudio blocked him and hit a Ricola Bomb for the win.

    Advancing On – Claudio Castagnoli

    Mike Tenay: Is there no stopping Swiss Superman???

    Sterling Silver: Up next! The Prince of Queens, Brian Myers!

    Fifth Match – Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brian Myers
    Claudio dominated in the early goings of the match, almost making Myers tap with the Inverted Chikara Special. Claudio attempted to throw Myers out of the ring, only to be caught with a Spear. Claudio kicked out, with authority, only for The Prince of Queens to catch the Swiss Superman with a Jumping Flatliner for the surprise win.

    Advancing On – Brian Myers

    James Mitchell: He did it! Myers just beat Claudio! Myers just beat Claudio!!!

    Sterling Silver: And our next opponent... Brodie Lee!

    Sixth Match – Brian Myers vs. Brodie Lee

    The Big Rig was just too much for Brian Myers. Leveling him with three big boots. Try as he might, the Prince of Queens couldn't answer the last one.

    Advancing On – Brodie Lee

    Mike Tenay: And just like that! The tides of Destiny turn.

    Sterling Silver: Our next opponent in Destiny's Gauntlet. Delirious!

    Seventh Match - Brodie Lee vs. Delirious
    Just as quick as the last match was. Brodie was a house of fire against Delirious, hitting a big boot on the Bizarre One. Delirious rolled out and gained the offense. Rolling Brodie back into the ring and nailing him with a Praying Mantis Bomb for the quick win.

    Advancing On – Delirious

    James Mitchell: What did you say about tides, Tenay???

    Sterling Silver: Up next. E... C... III!!!

    Eighth Match – Delirious vs. ECIII

    Delirious and ECIII brawl in and out of the ring. ECIII would slowly take control of the match, punctuated by the occassional hope spot from Delirious. ECIII put the Bizarre One down with Multiple German Suplexes

    Advancing On – ECIII

    "3... 2... 1... GET READY TO FLY!!!"

    Sterling Silver: And our second mystery combatant. The Phenomenal AJ Styles!!!

    James Mitchell: WHAT THE HELL!?

    Mike Tenay: The Phenomenal One is here in Grand Prix Wrestling!!!

    Ninth Match – ECIII vs. AJ Styles

    AJ came in and dominated the early goings of the match, but ECIII kept his cool and mounted major offense on the Phenomenal One. AJ attempted to roll out of the ring to catch his breath. ECIII grabbed him, pulled AJ back in and decimated him with the TKIII

    Advancing On – ECIII

    Mike Tenay: Good lord, even with the surprise, ECIII still comes out on top.

    James Mitchell: The Phenomenal One Percenter!!!

    Sterling Silver: And our next entrant... Bryan Danielson!!!

    ECIII vs. Bryan Danielson

    Danielson had ECIII on the ropes for most of the match, but decided to go high risk at the worst time possible. ECIII lays out Danielson mid leap with a clothesline. ECIII hits the TKIII for the 1, 2, 3.

    Advancing On – ECIII

    James Mitchell: Three in a row! Unbelievable.

    Mike Tenay: This is it. Destiny's calling!!!

    Sterling Silver: And our final competitor... making his way down to the ring. Tommy End!

    Final Match – ECIII vs. Tommy End

    Even though ECIII was visibly blown up once End hit the ring, it was a wild and competitive match. ECIII had an answer for every bit of offense thrown at him and slowly gained control of the match. The One Percenter hit his signature weapon in Destiny's Gauntlet, the TKIII, and came up short. Out of desperation, he hit the top rope, attempting to catch Tommy End with a flying crossbody. End rolled through. 1... 2... 3!!!

    Sterling Silver: Ladies and gentlemen. Your winner of Destiny's Gauntlet and NEEEEEWWWWWW Grand Prix Wrestling Worlds Heavyweight Champion. Tommy END!!!

    James Mitchell: Darkness falls on Grand Prix Wrestling!!! Tommy End is our champion!!!

    Mike Tenay: Outta nowhere with the flash pin, ECIII looked to have Destiny's Gauntlet locked in, but had zero gas left in the tank!

    ECIII rolls out of the ring and lands in a heap at ringside. End is slow to get to his feet, but is met by the referee with the Worlds Heavyweight Championship and his hand raised in victory.

    Mike Tenay: My lord... what a rollercoaster DESTINY – Stages One and Two were!

    James Mitchell: And this is just the beginning! Wow...

    Mike Tenay: Oh yes... Grand Prix Wrestling has just begun. Just wait til our first episode of Power Hour!!! For the Sinister Minister, James Mitchell. I'm Mike Tenay. Thank you for joining us for DESTINY – Stage Two. Like and subscribe, and we'll see you on... Power HOUR!!!

    Tommy End drops to a crossed leg sitting position in the middle of the ring, GPW Worlds Championship drapped over his shoulder as the raucous scene fades to black.
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    Default Power Hour Ep. 1

    3... 2... 1...

    We are live on YouTube! Hailing from the historic 2300 Arena for our first episode of Power Hour! Just as history has been made in this historic venue once known as the ECW Arena, history will be made again. As the always loud Philly crowd shakes the very foundation, our cameras head to the commentator's booth where Mike Tenay and James Mitchell are standing by.

    Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen... Power Hour has been activated! As always, I am The Professor Mike Tenay... and to my right: your devilish color commentator for tonight's chaos. The Sinister Minister. James Mitchell! SinMin, we're fresh off of DESTINY – Stages One and Two, and the show is just beginning.

    James Mitchell: You said it, Tenay. Power Hour is just the beginning. We have an action packed hour of Grand Prix Wrestling, starting right now. Mr. Silver. If you will do the honors?

    We cut to the center of the ring with GPW's ring announcer, Sterling Silver with a microphone in hand.

    Sterling Silver: Grand Prix Wrestling fans. Welcome to Power Hour!!! This United Preview Match is scheduled for one fall.

    United Preview Match
    Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. The Osirian Portal
    Ophidian and Jigsaw started the match with the early goings leaning towards the Ophidian. Jigsaw got the hot tag to Mike Quackenbush, where he took control of the match. Ophidian attempted a hail mary, coming off the top with a Double Knee attack, but Quack caught him with a beautiful Quackendriver. As he went for the finish, Eddie Kingston rolled into the ring and decked Mike Quackenbush with a Backfist to the Future.

    Advancing On – Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw

    James Mitchell: Kingston is here! He's looking for blood!

    Quack is down on the mat and Kingston is putting the boots to him. Jigsaw attempts a save but he is viciously dumped out of the ring. The Osirian Portal attempt to pull Kingston away, but he pushes them away. A nasty soccer kick to the face busts Mike Quackenbush open.

    Mike Tenay: Kingston said he was coming for Quackenbush! Can we get security out here!?

    James Mitchell: Kingston's getting his receipt!

    Security and referees quickly come down to the ring to pull Eddie Kingston away. They eventually pull him out of the ring and escort him to the back. Jigsaw is back in the ring, checking on his partner. Quack is still mostly out, attempting to pull himself up from the bottom rope. Kingston is up on the entrance stage as security is still attempting to get him out of the arena, as he screams at Quackenbush, “I'm comin' for you, Quackenbitch! I'm comin'!” To cut away from the carnage, we head backstage to the interview set, where So Cal Val is standing by with ECIII.

    So Cal Val: Ethan... you requested this interview ti......

    ECIII: Val, gotta stop you right there. Lets not go through this pretense. Everyone knows I was robbed. I should have won Destiny's Gauntlet. I should be Worlds' Heavyweight Champion. Goth Boy strolls in after I beat Delirious. 1, 2, 3. After I beat AJ Styles. 1, 2, 3. After I beat Bryan Danielson 1, 2, 3. Goth Boy Wannabe Kickboxer “beat” the Darewolf.... OOOoooooooo... to get into Destiny's Gauntlet. ECIII beat a real wrestler, Timothy Thatcher, to qualify. Yeah. Darkness Fell on Grand Prix Wrestling. S**t. But Tommy End is cool and trendy and probably worships the devil, and these idiots eat it up. Tommy... I want what's mine. You and me... United. One on one.

    Without even acknowledging Val, besides being an arm connected to a microphone in front of his mouth, ECIII steps away to the right. With that, we head back to ring.

    Daizee Haze vs. Sara Del Rey
    Daizee starts the match off fast and hard against Del Rey, hitting a Daizee Cutter for a close 2 count. Daizee keeps the pressure but with just an erratic, all out offense, Sara Del Rey gets the upperhand after Haze attempts to throw her out of the ring one too many times. Two Royal Butterflys, back-to-back button up the win for Del Rey.

    Winner – Sara Del Rey

    Sterling Silver: And your winner of the match, Sara... Del Rey!

    James Mitchell: Man, that was a close one for Daizee Haze. Just got away from her at the end.

    Mike Tenay: You said it, SinMin... Wait... Wait! We're getting word backstage. Huge announcement for next week's Power Hour. The winner of tonight's match, Sara Del Rey, will go one-on-one with Kairi Sane for a shot at Madison Rayne's Womens' Worlds Championship at United!

    James Mitchell: Whoa! That's going to be an incredible match. Two of the very best going today... For the first time ever!

    Mike Tenay: Either way, the Killer Queen's going to have her work cut out for her at United. And with that. Main Event time for the premier edition of Power Hour. Another United Preview Match... Two very experienced tag teams. Three of which had stellar showings in the Gauntlet of Destiny. Grand Prix Wrestling. It doesn't get much better than this. We take it back to the ring.

    United Preview Match
    The Kings of Wrestling vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico
    El Generico started off in a big way against Castagnoli, but the Swiss Superman quickly took control of the match. Claudio hit a devastating Ricola Bomb which Steen had to break up. Generico attempted a BRAINBUSSSTTAAAHH!, but Claudio struggled out of it. Tag to Steen. Steen quickly takes control and drops Castagnoli with a Powerbomb onto the Ring Apron for the win.

    Advancing On – Kevin Steen & El Generico

    Sterling Silver: Your winners of the match, and continuing on to the Eight-Team, United Tournament... Kevin Steen & El Generico!!!

    Looking visibly frustrated by back-to-back loses. Hero checks on his downed tag team partner. Steen and Generico celebrate in ring.

    We cut backstage to a darkened room, with a tiny pin-light glowing on Tommy End, and his GPW Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Clutching his title tightly, End has an unamused, stern look on his face.

    Tommy End: ECIII... You want the Worlds Title? Try and take it... I'll be more than happy to shut you up.

    Lights out. Cut to black.

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