Gordon Solie opens the show and runs down who will be in action.

In the first match The Nightmares defeated Roy Lee Welch/Les Freeman. This was a competitive match with some good mat wrestling from both Welch & Freeman. The Nightmares looked really good too. They were always and underrated team of the 80s.

A clip is shown from Japan as Ric Flair regained the NWA Title back defeating Kerry Von Erich.

Mike Jackson interviews Bill Ash, The Flame, and The Nightmares.

Roberto Soto defeats Dave Foxx. The Flame did commentary for part of this match and ran down Soto and Puerto Rico. Soto looked good and used a flying headscissors for the victory.

Mike Jackson interviews Exotic Adrian Street regarding his upcoming match with Tommy Rich.

Next is a taped interview with Tommy Rich.

Tommy Rich defeated The Flame. This match wasn't much and was very short. Rich won with a rolling reverse cradle. The crowd popped huge for Rich.

Mike Jackson interviews Norvell Austin, Roy Lee Welch, Brickhouse Brown, Roberto Soto and Tommy Rich regarding the upcoming tournament for the Alabama Heavyweight Championship.

Gordon Solie interviews Brad/Steve Armstron & Dick Slater. They show a clip of Ron Fuller, Robert Fuller, & Jimmy Golden injuring Scott Armstrong.

It's time for the main event. Brad Armstrong/Steve Armstrong/Dick Slater defeated Ron Fuller/Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden. The heels get heat on Brad Armstrong until he made the hot tag to Steve and the match turned into a brawl. Brad ended up pinning Ron Fuller with a sunset flip. Slater turned on the Armstrongs after the match and the heels laid out Brad & Steve.

Next Mike Jackson interviews the Stud Stable/Dick Slater.

Then we go to a taped interview with Brad Armstrong.

Gordon Solie then closes out the show.