Sheamus defeated Matt Riddle for the United States Championship on Night 2 of WrestleMania 37. According to recent comments on Wrestling Observer Radio, Riddle had never been planned to win the title. It was something WWE felt they had to do after Keith Lee was pulled from shows.

“Riddle was never supposed to be champion,” said Dave Meltzer. “They had to do it because Keith Lee was supposed to win it but then Keith Lee for whatever the reason, whatever the reason is, was pulled. They had to get the belt of Bobby Lashley because they were giving the WWE title to Bobby Lashley.”

Riddle won the US title from Bobby Lashley at Elimination Chamber in a triple threat match that also involved John Morrison.

“So, Riddle got the belt because there was no other choice and this rectifies it. It’s too bad because Riddle had a great match and Riddle can be a star but he’s just going to be R-Truth and that’s all there is.”

Sheamus’ win at WrestleMania 37 was the 171st time the United States Championship has changed hands since its inception in 1975. Lex Luger holds the record for most combined days spent with the title with 950 days spent across 5 title reigns.