Randy Orton vs the Fiend kicked off night 2 of WrestleMania 37 on Sunday night. Orton pinned the Fiend following an RKO, delivered as Wyatt had just been distracted by a black-ooze-leaking Alexa Bliss. Bliss sat atop a giant Jack-in-the-Box as ooze dripped down her face. It was somewhat reminiscint of when Papa Shango put a curse on The Ultimate Warrior and caused a similar-looking black goo to drip down his forehead.

According to recent online posts, horror special effects legend Tom Savini was behind Blissí ooze-dripping. Saviniís team has been behind The Fiendís look and masks and designed Blissís headpiece and special effects for Mania as well.

Saviniís partner, Jason Baker, took to Twitter to credit those involved.

New @WWEBrayWyatt mask & @AlexaBliss_WWE headpiece & on set sfx @callosumstudios. Mask sculpt @brianmcguiresculpture Mold @rnzofx74 & @jasonadams4spfx. Fabrication @kendraxleighh. Paint @bakingjason. Headpiece @sandymimpson. On set sfx @bakingjason. supervisor @thetomsavini

ó Jason Baker (@bakingjason) April 12, 2021

In 2019, Baker took part in an interview and spoke about working with Wyatt on his new character.

ďThat man isÖ whatís that old saying? The razorís edge between genius and insanity? And that man walks that razorís edge constantly,Ē Baker said. ďVery, very smart. Smarter than a lot of people give him credit for. Great to collaborate with. You think youíre gonna throw an idea at him, he comes back with eight. You think youíre gonna hit him up with a piece of trivial knowledge, heíll hit right back. Heíll see your trivial knowledge and then raise ya. He is a unique, unique human being. Itís been an absolute pleasure and an honor to get to collaborate with this gentleman ó with someone who just puts such a thought process into his craft.Ē