This week on Elevation, Willow Nightingale will be making her AEW debut going head-to-head with none other than Thunder Rosa.

Many wrestling fans will not know Nightingale. However, those that follow the indie wrestling scene will no doubt be familiar with her name. The recent in a line of talent from NYWC – New York Wrestling Connection, she comes into AEW with a young, but strong pedigree.

Willow Nightingale debuted only 6 years ago in 2015 but has wrestled for some of the more prominent indie promotions, including CZW, House of Glory, and Shimmer. She was also a tag-team champion in Chikara. She held the women’s tag-titles as part of The Bird and The Bee for 228 days. They were the reigning champions until the company closed its doors at the end of 2020.

The chance of her picking up a victory against a wrestler with the momentum of Thunder Rosa is highly unlikely. However, this will not be your everyday squash match. It has everything it needs to be one of the better fights of the night. If she plays her cards right, it could be a major steppingstone for Willow Nightingale to get a full-time spot on the AEW roster.

The female division is growing in the company, and as rumours of a female-only show abound, we could find ourselves getting very familiar with Nightingale as the year goes on.

Willow Nightingale’s debut for AEW was called by fans after spotting her in the crowd during an episode of Dynamite. This is not the first time a wrestler was spotted in attendance before making their debut for the company.