Since his release from WWE Andrade was the subject of much speculation about where he would head. With his 90-day release clause coming to an end, we have already heard two major announcements from the Mexican star.

Andrade is wasting little time in getting himself back to where he wants to be and has now called out triple promotion champion Kenny Omega.

In a video released on YouTube, Andrade can be seen challenging Kenny Omega for his AAA title, at the promotionís annual Triplemania event.

The company have not yet set a date for the event, but this only gives Andrade more time to get back into top ring conditioning. After his sporadic use in WWE and the mandatory post-release rest period they insist on, Andrade will need a few matches to get his wings back under him.

Kenny Omega has been the AAA champion since October 2019. While his appearances for the company have been limited due to covid, he will surely have to defend the belt at their big PPV. A bout between these two men would have a big draw for all wrestling fans.
Andrade Making Moves

Earlier this week Andrade announced he was signing for Mexican promotion Federacion Wrestling. He will participate in a multi-man tag match at their debut show in June.

Andrade is also scheduled to face Alberto el Patron at the end of July.

For now, it looks as if Andrade will be sticking with his unmasked look. However, at the start of the video, he was wearing a La Sombra pendant. This is the latest in a series of hints that we might see a return of his masked character.