The pandemic era has changed wrestling in a number of ways, including the (re)introduction of taped matches. In a recent interview on Wrestling Observer Radio, Chris Jericho talked about how AEW will do several different takes of a spot just to get it right.

AEW Dynamite is often branded as being a live show. However, there have been instances during the pandemic where AEW has taped several shows. During his recent chat with Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez, the G.O.A.T of professional wrestling talked about how matches would be edited to remove botches. He went on to say he had gone through as many as three takes on a single spot.

We worked with Top Flight, me and MJF against Top Flight, and I was gonna put one guy in the Walls and the other guy that jumps over me sunset flips over me where I catapult the other brother to where hes on MJF whos on the floor. When we tried this thing it fucked up so bad. We tried it again that it fucked up even worse the second that we had to try it a third time. I was like, I would never do this, but why not take advantage of it? Its a taped show. Jericho said during his interview.

Botches are a part of wrestling. We are talking about athletes who put together some of the most acrobatic displays you will see humans perform. Their spots take talent, timing and understanding in order to pull them off. Its understandable that sometimes things dont go fully according to plan. For the viewers watching at home, this can be everything from frustrating to illusion breaking. The benefit of watching taped matches is that the stars have the chance to stop, reset and try again. This allows them to create spots that look exactly as expected.

Jericho raises an interesting point. He went on to discuss using edits and re-shoots to make sure things went perfectly. Is that still wrestling? Do fans want a 100% flawless set of matches?

One thing is for sure, the blood and guys match will leave no room for error. AEW has confirmed that this match will be shot live. The other matches on the card, however, will be taped in advance.