Kip Sabian has reported that he will need to have surgery in order to repair damage to his arm. The angle being played is that the injury occurred during Miro’s attack on Dynamite last week. Injuries are common in wrestling, with stars often needing time to repair their bodies not from one single incident but from the accumulation of wear and tear.

In a Tweet sent out earlier today, Kip Sabian thanked his former Best Man for forcing him to go under the knife. The exchange was interesting because of the connotations it carries. The Venom GIF would hint at a heel turn for Sabian. Many fans would point out he has been playing that role for a while, however, what it would also point towards is that Miro will assume the face role for their feud.

Thanks @ToBeMiro.

Surgery incoming.

Eyes finally opened. #Superbad

— Kip Sabian (@TheKipSabian) May 2, 2021

It’s a position that makes the most sense from a storytelling perspective also. There is no update yet on how much TV time Kip Sabian will miss, but I am sure it will be comparable to however close Miro can get to a title push.

A feud between Kip Sabian and Miro has been coming since the Best Man debuted for the company, and the time was right to pull the trigger. The pair have strange chemistry when in the ring together, and their feud with the Best Friends has been entertaining, but both are far better when on their own.

Kip Sabian is a talented wrestler and a new angle for his character could be exactly what he needs to push him further up the roster.