Mansoor made his WWE main roster debut on RAW last night. In doing so he ended the longest-running active streak in the company.

The Saudi Arabian wrestler has been used extensively on 205 Live. He also made regular appearances on Main Event. In doing so, he amassed a winning streak that stretched for 49 matches. This was officially recognized as the longest-running streak of all active wrestlers.

Sure, it might not have the glitz and the glamor of ‘The Streak’, but still, to run almost a half-century of fights without tasting defeat is no mean feat, especially in WWE.

With that sort of record, it is not surprising Mansoor decided to answer Sheamus’s open call for the United States title having signed his contract just moments before.

The end result of which must surely leave a sour taste in his mouth. While he did lose the match, it was not because he was pinned or submitted, but rather because of outside interference.

It’s always sad when a streak ends. For Mansoor, he will justifiably feel aggrieved at the manner in which it all went down. From a storytelling perspective, it also feels a little strange. Humberto Carillo is building his feud with Sheamus, any angle between him and Mansoor would not make any sense.

Whatever the reason for ending Mansoor’s streak, the WWE universe will certainly be seeing more of this Saudi Arabian superstar.

It is also worth remembering that Mansoor holds a singles victory over Cesaro, after beating him during the last Super Showdown event. He was also the winner of the largest ever Battle Royal, also held during a Super Showdown event.