Main Event this week played host to the return of former WWE champion Jinder Mahal. Mahal stepped into the ring for the first time since January this year.

Jinder Mahal suffered a serious knee injury in May 202. Other than a taped match in January for the WWE Superstar Spectacle, he has been completely absent. Main Event is taped every week before the live RAW show begins. There were several good names on the card, but the return of Mahal was arguably a big affair for the lesser watched weekly show.

Nothing was mentioned by WWE on social media, but fans were quick to spread the word of the Maharajaís return.

Just going to mention, Jinder Mahal beat Jeff Hardy on Main Event with help from one half of Indus-Sher and someone I forgot the name of.

ó Hunter (-_ē) (@HunterPWWE5) May 4, 2021

His return was a spirited affair against Jeff Hardy. Hardy himself was making a return to the ring after a short layoff. The match looked to have Mahal continue with the same character as prior to his injury. Only this time he has swapped his alliance with the Bollywood Boys for another Indian duo, the former NXT team Indus Sher.

Not much is known right now about the angle of Jinder Mahalís return or any feuds that he is likely to enter. With Raw already boasting a heel heavy roster, there is no natural place for the former champion to take.

The pairing would also indicate that Indus Sher will be making their Main Roster debut also. Whether they will get a push in the tag team division or merely serve as Jinder Mahalís lackeys remains to be seen.

You have to imagine Mahal will want to get back into the title picture. However, easing him in after such a length layoff may make more sense. Expect to see him wrestling a little lower down the card than he was used to. Especially as all current champions are engaged in new feuds.