Since her union with Bray Wyatt and subsequent solo antics, Alex Bliss has built up a character that truly suits her. In a recent segment of Alexa’s Playground, Lily, Alexa’s best friend hinted that she had been playing all weekend.

A lot of creative effort goes into the Playground segments, as they were with the FireFly Fun House. There are a lot of cryptic messages behind these segments. Many fans believe they have deciphered Lily’s message. Believing it teases Alexa’s first feud since she broke away from The Fiend at Wrestlemania.

During the segment, Alexa Bliss tells the audience that Lily has been playing hide and seek all day long. This was followed by a secretive, behind the hand comment that “her favorite color is red.”

This could just be Alexa Bliss playing her character. Using red because it suits the twisted world in which Little Miss Bliss seems to live. However, many RAW viewers happened to notice that Lily was caught on camera during the show. Lurking in the background during a backstage segment with Sonya Deville, who just happened to be wearing a red suit.

Alexa Bliss has not done anything since Wrestlemania, while Sonya Deville has been out of action since losing to Mandy Rose back in August 2020.

A feud between the two would take some storytelling to get it aligned given the current character arcs. Yet, given the genuinely terrifying nature of Alexa Bliss’s character these days, you could see several ways for WWE creative to make Deville an object of her devilish affection.