Damian Priest is set to battle The Miz one-on-one at Wrestlemania Backlash, and after his victory over John Morrison this week on Raw, Priest had the honor of naming the stipulation.

Damian Priest has been feuding with the A-Lister since before Wrestlemania. Good friends with Bad Bunny, who had quite the impressive showing on the first night of Wrestlemania, Priest will be looking to end the feud on Sunday.

After picking up the win, Damian Priest decided that their fight at Backlash would be a lumberjack match. Priest wants to end their feud once and for all and choosing a match with no escape surely means he will get the resolution he seeks.

Their feud has been interesting but has arguably run its course. This match at Backlash will end the feud one way or another. If anything, the build-up could be dropping hints at future storylines. Having cost his partner a match two weeks in a row now, could WWE be teasing a feud between the tag team pair?

Not only did the Miz cost Morrison two matches, but his attempted assault on Priest after the bell resulted in Morrison getting hit by a second Hit the Lights.

Bad blood may be brewing. Could we see Morrison turn on his friend at Backlash, costing him the match? It would not only be fitting after recent weeks but would be a transition from one feud into another.

Whatever the outcome from Backlash, Damian Priest will surely be looking to insert himself into a title hunt somewhere. Impressive since his debut on the main roster, the future is looking bright for the Archer of Infamy.