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    Live on PPV from Stockholm, Sweden

    Special guest - Greta Thunberg

    EAM Promotions are donating all the profit from this show. It will be given to various organizations,
    who fights for the environment and the preservation of endangered species around the globe.


    EAM Television Championship Matchup
    Triple C (c) Vs AJ Styles

    Welcome everybody to one of the biggest shows of the year!. Fight for Glory!. Can you believe we’ve reached past 15 years in this company?. Let’s go for another 15!. Big night tonight with a lot on the line. We get the opening video package, introductions so let’s not waste any time and get to the show!.

    Styles comes out getting boos from the audience but he doesn’t care. Followed by Cesaro getting a huge ovation...FOSBERRY FLOP. WHAT AN OPENING. Styles takes down Cesaro already and here we go!. Back and forth throughout from the both of them. I’m not sure if they’re gonna continue to be a team after this or if this is just brotherly love. Uppercuts, Recoli Bomb and a big swing but AJ reverses it and does a big swing of his own. Springboard 450 splash for a 2 by Styles. AJ pele kick. STYLES CLA...CESARO REVERSES INTO A NEUTRALISER...1...2...STYLES KICKS OUT. Switzerland were also neutral during the war. Cravate head swing by Cesaro for a 2. Styles with a springboard shooting star but misses it. Stomp by Cesaro and an Alpanare Waterslide for a 2!. Cesaro signals the end but AJ reverses it...BAAAAAM STYLES CLASH...IT’S OVER...1...2...NO CESARO MAKES THE ROPES. AJ goes straight to the top rope...SPIRAL TA...BAAAAM CESARO REVERSES WITH AN UPPERCUT. NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE...1...2...NO STYLES KICKS OUT. Cesaro looking for the Recoli Bomb but Styles goes over the head and on the top rope. Cesaro and Styles fighting with shots and uppercuts on the top rope...STYLES CLASH...NO FROM THE TOP?. CESARO FIGHTS IT OFF. HE TURNS IT AROUND...NO...BAAAM RECOLI BOMB OFF THE TOP ROPE...GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY...COVER...1...2...3!!!. What an ending!. Cesaro picks up the win and keeps his title. He celebrates after the match while AJ sits in the corner disappointed. They take one final look at each as we cut away. We’ll just have to wait and see where it goes from here.

    Triple Threat Matchup
    Will Hobbs Vs Willie Mack Vs Rich Swann

    Fun match up next. Feels like they have been connected forever. An almost rematch from the PPV of course. Back and forth action from all men involved. Pretty sure Hobbs was a teenager when EAM were last in Sweden. Swann with a moonsault. Mack with one of his own and a Rock Bottom. Hobbs with a caught powerslam to both men. People’s Elbow by Mack. Swann nails a handspring ace cutter. Hobbs with a wheelbarrow bulldog. More action throughout this one. Swann jumps off the shoulders of Hobbs taking down Mack who’s outside the ring. Springboard by Swann comes in gets caught into an Alabama Slam, pumphandle suplex and finally the Oklahoma Stampede...1...2...3!. Hobbs picks up the win!. He celebrates after the match while fans cheer. No idea where Swann and Mack could go from here.

    Loser Gets Covered In Pink Paint
    Aleah James Vs Melina Perez

    A more personal match up next with an EAM staple gimmick even if it may not be liked by everybody. Out comes Aleah first to cheers. She’s still new, young and growing but recently has gotten frustrated with everything especially Melina. We’re waiting for her to come out but no Aleah...hmm. WAIT. We go backstage and look at this!. Melina is attacking Aleah!. She’s beating her up in the gorilla position. Melina walks out to boos and enters the ring. The referee rings the bell and it looks like Melina is trying to get a 10 count win. Cheap way to win but makes sense for her...1...2...no Aleah...3...4...still no Aleah...5...6...7...YES...SHE’S UP...8...9!!!. Here she comes. Aleah comes hobbling down to the ring as the bell rings and here we go!. Melina dominates for the next couple of minutes. Taunting and mocking her and saying you should have followed me and not that bitch Mickie James!. Of course the loser will be covered in pink paint and Melina would hate that more than anyone. Melina slaps her around and nails a Bronco Buster and X Factor for a close 2. She’s fighting back!. Aleah comes back with a rana. CHICK KICK TO MELINA...1...2...SHE KICKS OUT. Melina reaches outside and grabs a handful of paint out of the container...SHE SHOVES IT INTO THE FACE OF ALEAH THEN HER MOUTH EEEW GROSS!...ROLL UP...1...2...ALEAH KICKS OUT. Aleah with a drop kick. Melina charges at her but Aleah splits her legs apart!. Front and back snapmere neckbreakers. She fires up and screams...DD...MELINA REVERSES LOOKING FOR HER FINISHER...ALEAH TWISTS OVER AND OUT...SHE SCREAMS...MICKIE-DT...1...2...3!!!. She got it yes!. Haha awesome. Aleah picks up the win while fans cheer. Melina starts having a tantrum on the mat and quickly rolls to the apron. Aleah then charges at Melina, grabs her head and nails a Mickiefaction over the top rope and sending Melina into the container of pink paint!!!. Aleah just avoids it and haha she’s screaming around in this bath/container/pot covered head to toe in pink paint!. Maybe yellow or blue paint would have worked since we’re in Sweden!. Fans laugh as Melina then throws the referee in the paint as well. Aleah walks up the ramp way smiling and mocking Melina as we cut away with Melina shouting MICKIE AND ALEAH like William Shatner’s KHAAAN in Star Trek. Clearly blaming them for the outcome.

    We get a promotional video for the next EAM PPV in line then. As we already know, the Cyberslam PPV will return this season. And this has always been the PPV where the fans are mostly in charge. In charge of what matches we are going to get, what stipulations, what match types etc. etc. This will be no exception this time, as EAM is proud to present their sixth ever Cyberslam PPV, from San Jose, California next month. We then go back to the arena for our next match. But instead, we get Aaron Stevens. Major booo's from the audience as he hogs the limelight, making his way down the rampway, heading for the ring. He makes it into the ring and gestures for a microphone. He adresses the crowd, who give him more boooo's. He just smiles and laughs and says it's wonderful to see so many fans of him present. Sadly, he's not scheduled to wrestle tonight, so their trip here was all in vain. Well, not all in vain he guess, after all, they did get to see him. Their favorite wrestler in the whole world. More booo's from the audience. Stevens then talk about the fact that no wrestling company in the world knows the treasure they are sitting on, with Aaron Stevens on the roster, Am I right fans?! More boooo's. Stevens then raves on, talking about how he's been put on the Pride brand instead of on Jamboree, where he actually belongs! More boooo's, and even some chants telling him to " shut the fuck up! " Stevens then says that's the reason he called out MJF, HBK and Lee, because he wants to prove to everyone that he actually belongs up there. But then he got a great idea. Why not let his fans choose his opponent? It couldn't be more perfect could it? With Cyberslam returning next month? At least then you are getting to see your favorite wrestler squash some nobody. Huh? What do you say? Thankfully for everyone in the arena, music cranks the arena speakers then, as Ricky and Robert from Rock 'N' Roll Express makes their way out on the stage, to one hell of a pop from the audience. Aarons gets annoyed, but knows when he's lost a battle and leaves the ring...

    Pride Tag Team Championships Matchup
    Heavy Machinery (c) Vs Rock 'N' Roll Express

    Last Woman Standing Matchup For The EAM Primetime Bitch Championship
    Alexa Bliss (c) Vs Leah Von Dutch

    EAM Tag Team Championships Matchup
    Freaks Among Monsters (c) Vs Hafthor & Hall

    Triple Threat Matchup
    Drew McIntyre Vs Bobby Lashley Vs Brock Lesnar

    8-Woman Tag Team Matchup For The EAM Womens Tag Team Championships
    Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks (c) Vs Niven & Martina Vs Becky Lynch & Charlotte Vs Alicia & Caylee Fox

    Vivarium of Horror Matchup for The Pride Championship
    Mil Muertes (c) Vs Marty " The Moth " Martinez

    Ornate Prime Championship Matchup
    WALTER (c) Vs Killer Cross

    EAM Center of Attention Championship Matchup
    If Mickie Loses, She Must Retire
    Bayley (c) Vs Mickie James

    Dream Matchup
    Randy Orton Vs " Stone Cold " Steve Austin

    Triple Threat Matchup For The EAM World Heavyweight Championship
    MJF (c) Vs HBK Vs Keith Lee
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