Drew McIntyre is a man at the top of his game. He may not be the champion, but he certainly still stands atop the wrestling world right now. His run as WWE champion will long be remembered. Not just for taking place during the pandemic era, but for the success story it was.

Talking in a recent interview with Rassling with Brandon F Walker, Drew McIntyre talked about his career to date, being the champion and which fighter he would like to face once he is finished with Bobby Lashley.

Many thought that the feud was over after his Backlash loss. However, following a series of wins on RAW, the Scot has found himself back in the title picture. McIntyre will square off against Lashley at Hell in a Cell on June 20th. The conversation turned towards a rather unlikely name, WALTER, after the Austrian ring general had previously named Drew McIntyre as being a man he would like to face.

I cant wait until it happens, its going to happen, asserted McIntyre. Its just a matter of time. You know, we rolled in the ring a few minutes at Survivor Series. We got into a big man chop battle. You can decide for yourself who won that one, obviously, Im going to be a bit biased.

But WALTER is just someone who, talk about believability in the ring, you watch a WALTER match, and he makes you believe. Hes so big, unique looking, and dominant, with such a believable style. He is somebody who has done a great job as the NXT UK representative and a representative of European wrestling.

We might have to wait a little while still, but when Drew McIntyre and WALTER face-off, it is going to be a hard-hitting affair.