All Elite Wrestling star Darby Allin recently appeared on the Wrestling Perspective podcast. The former TNT Champion talked a number of topics during the interview, including his high risk and daredevil style of pro wrestling.

“I’m all in or nothing, for the most part” Darby Allin would note on the podcast. “And I always made a commitment to myself that I’d rather have a real short career and then just push it hard every day.”

“[I’d rather that] then just try to focus on outside projects when the time’s up,”
Allin added, making it quite clear that he doesn’t intend on having a very long pro wrestling career. “As of right now, I feel like I’m just gonna keep going and going and going until my wheels fall off, but I feel wonderful right now.”

“I’ve been doing DDP Yoga with Dallas over in his house”
Allin revealed, at least giving somewhat of an indication that he’s looking after his body. “And I’m insane about physical therapy and you know, I don’t take any drugs.”

“I don’t take aspirin or anything like that”
Allin noted, as he is a staunch straight edge believer. “I just take a bunch of ice baths and you know, yoga and just… yeah, man.”