Talking on his My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast, the founder of TNA spoke about the birth of the company.

Jarrett talked at length about starting the company and how the idea occurred while he was under contract with WWE, but at home injured. Talking candidly about the early days of TNA Jeff Jarrett spoke about trying to capitalize on the aftermath of WWE’s purchase of WCW.

Early names they wanted to sing included Sid Vicious and Chyna. One other superstar that Jeff Jarrett (and his father) tried to sign was Ultimate Warrior.

Jarrett was brief on the details surrounding these attempts. “I had a couple of conversations with [Ultimate Warrior], but very top-level … o put it back in context, I had never done business with him, our paths really never crossed in WWF. Me and [Warrior’s] paths never really crossed other than I met him on Thanksgiving day in 1985 and I met him with Sting. Our paths had never crossed, he was more a business colleague, he was a friend of my dad’s. I reached out, had some conversations but my dad was doing all the business negotiations.”

Jeff Jarrett blames the hot and cold nature of the talent, looking at a new promotion in the wake of such a huge deal between WWE and WCW. Ultimate Warrior never signed for Jeff Jarrett’s fledgling promotion, but it is fun to think about what could have been.