Ever since the passing of Mr Brodie Lee in December 2020, his son, Brodie Lee Jr (or -1 as he is known in AEW) has been a regular member of the Dark Order. However, in recent weeks, his absence has been noticed by many.

After a social media user jokingly suggested the youngster was grounded for not trying hard at school. His mother, Amanda Huber responded saying they were correct.

100% He stopped doing his work so he lost privileges, wrote Amanda of her son, Brodie. I dont make any money off any appearances he does at AEW, its purely for fun. Its his favorite place in the world and a reward for hard work. He managed to finish his school year with all As & Bs despite slipping up a bit. Im very proud of him.

The way AEW handled the passing of Brodie Lee is commendable. How they have helped the family and made sure that Brodie Lee Jr gets to continue spending time in his favorite place is a story that deserves all the attention it gets.

However, there is something undeniably wholesome about this. There seems to be little doubt right now that Brodie Lee Jr will enter the wrestling world. However, it is good to see he will not do so at the expense of his education.

-1 has been a popular figure in his time in AEW, and as the de facto leader of the Dark Order, his presence is always felt.

In a time when everybody is talking about big money signings and contract disputes, it is refreshing to see that its not always about money. Its great to see that the love of professional wrestling is still there in many people.