The recent WWE releases have sparked rumors about a potential sale of the company. Former WWE star Sean Waltman discussed the topic recently and commented on if Vince McMahon could actually sell the promotion.

The Hall of Famer talked about a number of things in the latest episode of his Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast including the latest WWE releases and more.

Discussing the recent rumors of the cuts actually being preparation for a sale, Waltman revealed his thoughts on if Mr. McMahon can sell the promotion:

“Yeah, sure. I don’t know that he’s ready to do so yet, he might want to cash out. It could be like, ‘Yeah, I’ll sell, but I’ll still have some say over the company.’ Didn’t something like that happen when AOL bought Turner Broadcasting?

Didn’t Ted Turner still keep a little bit of stroke?”
asked Sean Waltman, “But I think it’s just as likely they’re just trying to get the bottom line as best as they can get it working for their shareholders.”

The former DX member also talked about the future of the released stars and explained that AEW is not going to sign them all in the current landscape.

He then mentioned how the names which are on the top of the list such as Braun Strowman and Aleister Black can have a hard time deciding where they want to go but they will have plenty of options.