The Dark Order has fast become one of the hottest and most over factions in AEW. Under the guidance of the late Brodie Lee, they grew into a dominant force in AEW.

Ever since his passing in December 2020 the group have been acting without a dedicated leader. However, AEW has allowed his son Brodie Lee Jr to appear on the show, assuming the identity of Negative One. While still only a child, Negative One loves wrestling. He already has the promise of a contract when he turns 18, should he want it.

Recent articles have discussed his appearances, with his mother Amanda Huber recently confirming he had been taken off TV after his grades slipped at school.

The internet has been full of talk ever since it was confirmed that WWE had released both Braun Strowman and Aleister Black. Both men being touted as the ones to assume the mantel of the leader of the Dark Order.

This talk was silenced by Cody Rhodes last night when he confirmed the only leader of the Dark Order.

Those guys are both bad asses – BUT Negative One is the leader of The Dark Order

— Cody (@CodyRhodes) June 11, 2021

There is something incredibly wholesome about the Negative One story. Allowing him to continue to develop his love of professional wrestling. It is a sign of how AEW operate as a company that they have allowed Brodie Lee Jr to carry on in his father’s role.

Negative One is the leader of the Dark Order. It will take a force bigger than Braun Strowman and Tommy End (Aleister Black) to dethrone him.