Former WWE star Zach Gowen recently had an interview with Jonah Ferstand on the Rewind Recap Relive podcast where he talked about his interactions with Brock Lesnar during The Beast’s original run with the company in detail.

The former WWE star had a short feud with the former Universal champion. This led to a match between the two during a SmackDown episode in August 2003, which helped establish the Beast Incarnate as a heel in the company.

Gowen went into the details of his violent encounter with Lesnar during his interview. He recalled how he got knocked out during the bout:

“He was supposed to give me three powerbombs, like a triple powerbomb where you hold on, and then after two, he felt I got knocked out. Like he felt my body go limp for a second. I hit the back of my head on the mat.

I was knocked out on the powerbomb. It was supposed to be three, but he felt that I was in danger, so he just let me go.”

Zach Gowen then explained how the former Universal champion may have saved his life in that split second with his awareness:

“He might’ve saved my life if we’re being 100% honest, at that point. The angle was just one of those things that people still remember and talk about and it’s on YouTube so it’s going to live forever.”

Apart from this, the former WWE star also revealed that Brock Lesnar still remembers him after all these years. He mentioned that the Beast recently sent him a friendly message when his name came up in a conversation.

Zach Gowen had a short stint with WWE in early 2000. He made his debut for the promotion in May 2003 and had an underdog run before his release from the promotion in February 2004.