Braun Strowman is looking for a fresh start after his WWE release. As the first step in his quest; the monster among men has trimmed down his iconic beard.

The former WWE star recently shared a photo from his Instagram account where he shared his new look with the fans.

Strowman mentioned in the caption how this is the first time he has cut his beard in a decade which he had donned since his arrival in WWE back in 2013:

“Since I figured the cats out the bag already. I cut my beard for the first time in a decade and while I’m still adjusting to it I ain’t mad at it!!!!! big thx to my boy @jg0n for always making me #DapperAf”

Braun Strowman made a few uncredited appearances on WWE TV after his signing with the company, mostly as part of Adam Rose’s “Rosebuds” in 2014.

He made his official debut for the company in August 2014. The former champion attacked Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns upon his debut and established himself as the newest member of the Wyatt Family.

Strowman went on to have an impressive eight-year-long run with the company. He had won the universal championship just last year and achieved numerous other accolades during his time with the promotion.