The Acclaimed’s Max Castor recently dropped some rhymes for TMZ based on some of the latest stories they have published. These included stories about LeBron James, Logan Paul, Naomi Osaka, Julio Jones and Buff Bagwell.

“Platinum, I be looking for attention in the summer
Feeling like LeBron James when he’s switching numbers.”

“He with the stars, red carpet with the pastel
I’m with the bars feeling like I’m Buff Bagwell
I saw his video, does he need a doctor?
Maybe take a tip from Naomi Osaka.”

“Nobody holding me up, I’m not Logan Paul
Feeling like I’m Julio Jones now, going long.”

Castor’s full rap can be viewed in the video below:

Also during the interview, Caster noted that he writes all of his own lyrics.

“I do all my own writing, I write all my own stuff. I will kind of pitch it around to other guys and say ‘hey, is this hitting hard enough? Is this the one or should I make it a little bit better?” Caster said. “I have people who will tell me ‘hey man, that might be too far’ but if they say it’s too far then I stick with it, usually.”

The full interview with Castor can be viewed in the player below: