Meiko Satomura just picked up a big win, defeating Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s championship but she already has her sight set on some even bigger opponents in WWE for her future.

The new champion recently had an interview with Metro just before her title win where she talked about a number of things and revealed a few other WWE names she wants to compete against.

Satomura first praised her last opponent in Kay Lee Ray. She then revealed which talents she wants to have a match against, discussing some big names such as Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair as potential future opponents:

“First, I want to beat Kay Lee Ray, But next, Io Shirai, Sasha Banks and Charlotte [Flair].”

– Meiko Satomura

The female star is a Japanese wrestling veteran who has been wrestling since the age of 15. She made her debut for the all-women promotion Gaea Japan in 1995.

Meiko Satomura has also competed in promotions such as Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling and Chikara in her long career. She made some WCW appearances in 1996 thanks to Gaea Japan’s working relationship with the company at the time.

She made her WWE debut in 2018 as part of the second Mae Young Classic and was signed to a full-time deal in October 2020. She defeated Kay Lee Ray on the June 10 episode of NXT UK, ending Ray’s 649 days long run with the title.