Drew McIntyre has shown interest in facing John Cena multiple times in the past. With Cena expected to make his return soon, the Scottish Warrior is once again revitalizing the talks about a potential showdown between the two.

The former NXT champion recently had an interview with On Demand Entertainment where he talked about things such as his Hell In A Cell encounter with WWE champion Bobby Lashley and more.

When asked about a potential match with the 16-time world champion, Drew mentioned how he has been around Cena for so long without ever stepping inside the ring with him for a one on one match:

“I hope it does happen. I’ve been around John since I was 22 years old. I just turned 36 and we’ve never had any singles match, which blows my mind. We’ve been in tag matches and multi-man matches, but never a singles match.”

McIntyre then praised John Cena as an athlete who is on a different level than others before reiterating his comments about wanting a match with the former face of WWE:

“Where I’m at today in my career and managing to reach the top of the industry after so many ups and downs, and where John is at, he’s just on another level. He’s conquered WWE, [and is now] conquering Hollywood,

But he still loves WWE more than anything and wants to come back and help and have those big matches. There’s no bigger match, as far as I’m concerned than John Cena vs. McIntyre,”

John Cena has also been talking about his desire for making an in-ring return. Latest reports suggest that he might be returning to the company as soon as next month but his comeback has not officially been confirmed yet.