Love them or hate them, Heels serve a very important purpose in professional wrestling. AEW star Ethan Page is a heel at the top of his game right now. Alongside Scorpio Sky, they are the Men of the Year, and they are getting under the skin of every AEW out there. Exactly as a great heel should.

Talking on a recent episode of Oral Sessions (guest hosted by Danhausen), Ethan Page spoke at length about his motivation in AEW. For the most part, he remained firmly in character, which made for entertaining listening.

“See I would love to beat up Orange Cassidy,” Ethan Page said. “It pisses me off that he’s cornered the market on denim, especially since he’s not Canadian and he wears a Canadian tuxedo on a regular basis. And I want to wear more denim, but I feel like if I do all the little nerds online are going to be like ‘oh you can’t wear that. That’s Orange Cassidy’s outfit.’ And it pisses me off because I am a man of fashion.”

Towards the end of the interview, however, Ethan Page dropped his persona and spoke from the heart. Talking about his experience with AEW so far, and how it differs from everything else in his career.

“I do want to give a big shoutout to AEW,” Ethan Page said. “I’ve only been here since about March but it’s been a life-changing experience. The way the company treats talent is something unlike I’ve ever experienced before. I hope one day, not to cause any kerfuffle on the internet, I hope you get to experience it one-day Danhausen. It’s insane to me to find a company that puts the company first. I think more people should be talking about it. And I would love for people to check out my vlog because I think I give a little bit of a glimpse to that side of it.”

Ethan Page is a huge talent for AEW, with Jim Ross recently singling him out for praise, picking him to be a top star for the company. While not the youngest member of the roster, Page has a lot of years left in the ring and has only just begun to define himself.