It has been five years since Steve Corino last had a competitive match in a wrestling ring. While the former ECW champion has never officially retired, he has been working as a producer for WWE since 2016.

However, sometimes all a wrestler needs to lace up his boots one more time, is the right motivation. For Steve Corino, it came in the form of a challenge laid down by his own son. Colby Corino is the current PWF Crystal Coast Oceanic Title.

Colby laid down the challenge, which Steve was happy to accept. The pair will clash on Colbyís 25th birthday. Thatís quite the way to celebrate.

Steve Corino held numerous championships in a career dating back to 1994. The most notable of which was his time as ECW Heavyweight champion. He also enjoyed a reign as ROH tag team champion alongside Jimmy Jacobs.
Steve Corino Lacing Up His Boots For The Right Reasons

Wrestling is a business where it can be hard to stay retired. The lure of one more match can often be too hard to resist. However, for Steve Corino, a return to the ring is happening for all the right reasons.

Colby Corino is a talented wrestler, who is known predominantly for his time in Ring of Honor. He also trained for a time in the New Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo in LA. He also made two appearances for WWE. The match against his father, Steve Corino promises to be a fun affair. Airing on, the result would appear to be written on the wall. However, for wrestling fans, it will be a treat to see the older Corino back in action.

The return to the ring looks to be a one and done affair for Steve Corino, who is contracted to WWE and seems to be enjoying his backstage producer role.