As we roll on towards the biggest wrestling event of the summer, we have both John Cena and Goldberg making their WWE comebacks. Talking recently on The Wrestling Inc., Daily former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas discussed the different reactions to the two legends. He went on to explain why he feels John Cena will always get a different reaction than Goldberg, regardless of the split opinion on them both.

“I think it’s going to be mixed,” admitted Jimmy Korderas. “Obviously there’s going to be the people going ‘Oh, cool to see [Goldberg]’ [and] ‘Eh, do we really want to see him right now?’ Especially with this current fanbase. Right now, they want to see [WWE] moving forward, and I think too many of them might see this as a step too far back.”

However, with John Cena, the reaction, while mixed, held far less exasperation about another old-timer coming back. In Jimmy Korderas’s mind, this has to do with the fact that Cena is a homegrown WWE talent. As such, his connection with the fans is very different.

“It’s different with John Cena because John Cena, for WWE, was at a different level,”
observed Korderas. “If a Stone Cold comes back and does a beer bash and a couple of stunners people really love that. The Rock coming back, again, another rumored thing. Goldberg wasn’t a homegrown WWE talent, so I think the fans might view it a little differently.”

As the conversation continued to flow, Jimmy Korderas said he can see the thinking behind both men returning this moment in time. He would book Goldberg to be dominated by Bobby Lashley in order to establish Bobby as a monster ahead of the real match people are waiting for.

"Call me crazy here, because obviously [Goldberg] would have to agree to this,” prefaced Korderas. “But can you imagine Goldberg having a match against Bobby Lashley and it turning out the same way as it did with Kofi? Would that not turn Bobby into one of the most hated individuals? Not only that, he took out Goldberg like that? Setting him up as the big monster for possibly another monster returning?”

The monster Jimmy Korderas is referring to is Brock Lesnar. Lesnar versus Lashley is a fight the entire WWE universe has been waiting for for a very long time.