Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson is reportedly on the radar of Space Jam: A New Legacy director Malcolm D. Lee as being a potential leading actor for the franchise as they look towards the future of the series.

The first two films are among some of the most successful ever, with Space Jam: A New Legacy ranking #1 in theaters and bringing in $31 million on opening weekend.

Malcolm D. Lee recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the future of the franchise and how The Rock could be considered as the leading star, meaning that Space Jam may be heading beyond the basketball court.

“Dwayne Johnson would be an interesting choice,” Lee would begin the interview. “It would be different. I’m not exactly sure what his skill set would be, maybe he goes back to wrestling. That might be interesting.”

“I never say never”
Lee continued. “It’s all going to be about whether the fans respond to this positively. But I think the bar has been set so high in terms of the first one with this global iconic superstar in Michael Jordan, and now the same global iconic superstar in LeBron James, who transcends sports.”

“Who is that next person to put into that universe?”
the Space Jam: A New Legacy director noted; implying that the next megastar in the main role would need to be a huge name, like The Rock.

“And then you’ve got to find a script and story that’s good enough to not repeat what’s been done; but will capture the spirit of it and keep it going” Lee then concluded.