Mark Henry spent the majority of his wrestling career in WWE. He made his pro wrestling debut at the age of 24 for the brand then known as WWF. He went on to have a Hall Of Fame worthy career with the promotion. Henry only left the company last year, when he made his debut for AEW. Though according to the former world champion, this transition was not very hard for him because the crowds are the same everywhere.

The World’s Strongest Man recently had an interview with The Hot FM’s Danny Ocean. He was asked if the transition from WWE to AEW was a big one. Replying to it, the former WWE star claimed that the companies change but the love for professional wrestling remains the same:

“Not at all. The crowd is the crowd. The fans are the fans. The product is the product, the names change, the companies change, but the love for professional wrestling supersedes the company name.” said Mark Henry, “It just so happens that Tony Khan and the AEW brand, we want to do well by the fans.

We want to do well by the crowds. We want them to have input. We want to please them”
continued Henry, “Because ultimately they are the ones buying the tickets. When you go to a nice restaurant, and you walk in, you don’t just wait for somebody to come up and say, ‘Hey, here you go. This is what you get.’ You want, what you want. And we try to give that.”

Mark Henry currently works as a commentator and coach for AEW. Though he has been vocal about wanting a retirement match in the promotion. It would be interesting to see when exactly does that match take place.