Jim Ross was ready for a routine trip to an AEW show but ended up having a nasty fall.

Ross was able to make the AEW Battle of the Belts show as scheduled but he took a bad spill as he made his way out the door of his home. As a result, JR has been sporting a black eye.

On an episode of his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross explained how he ended up with the shiner.

“I was leaving for Charlotte Saturday. I had to fly to do that Battle of the Belts and for some reason I just all of a sudden lost my balance. When I lost my balance and I started stumbling and falling I tried to catch myself and went facefirst into the concrete wall.

“So, I got a big knot over here some place and this black eye. It looks ugly. It was here in front of my front door.

“I made my booking and I worked and I came home and I’ve been suffering ever since [laughs]. It wasn’t an accident, I didn’t trip and fall.

“I just lost my balance and all of a sudden my equilibrium was all screwed up and I don’t know what happened. So, I haven’t had a chance to go to the doctor to check it out so that’s where I am on that deal.

“I’ve been at a lot of doctor’s offices in the last several weeks so we’ll see how it works out.”

Ross referenced constantly visiting the doctor due to his skin cancer treatment. JR recently defeated the cancer but he’s described his ankle as being “burnt to a crisp” due to the radiation treatment.