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    Angry AEW Rampage Live Coverage - April 22nd, 2022

    AEW Rampage

    This week on RAMPAGE, Jade Cargill defends the TBS Championship against Marina Shafir. Adam Cole faces Tomohiro Ishii. Plus, Eddie Kingston goes one-on-one with Daniel Garcia.

    – We are underway! Excalibur, Taz, and Ricky Starks are on commentary.

    Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifying Match: Adam Cole vs. Tomohiro Ishii (with Orange Cassidy and Rocky Romero)

    Cole tries a couple of shoulder tackles. Those don’t work. Ishii’s does and Cole rolls to the outside. Cole gets back in the ring and backs Ishii into the corner, but celebrates too soon. Ishii steps out and hits a big chop. Cole rolls outside again. Ishii gives chase this time and gets in a couple of shots and chops on the floor.

    Ishii backs Cole against the ring post on the floor, but Cole ducks a clothesline and Ishii’s arm hits nothing but the steel ring post. Cole rolls Ishii back into the ring and grounds him with some punches. Cole goes to a headlock to ground Ishii.

    Cole hits a reverse neckbreaker on Ishii. Ishii tries to fight up from the ground with some punches but Cole fights him off. Cole starts slapping Ishii in the corner and Ishii looks like he’s had enough. Ishii is absorbing every strike Cole is throwing at him. Ishii delivers one forearm to drop Cole. Cole reverses a whip and sends Ishii into the corner. Ishii immediately charges out but runs into a forearm by Cole. Cole tries to follow up but runs right into a powerslam by Ishii. Ishii hits s backdrop suplex for a 2-count. Ishii goes for a powerbomb but Cole escapes. We head into the picture-in-picture break.

    Back from the break, Ishii powers up Cole for a superplex from the second rope for a 2-count. Ishii sets up Cole for a sliding lariat. Cole ducks and hits a superkick. Cole lowers his knee pad and sets up Ishii for the Boom. Ishii ducks and hits the sliding lariat for a 2-count. Ishii tries to lift up Cole but Cole escapes and hits an ushigoroshi for a 2-count. Cole climbs to the second rope but Ishii dodges the Panama Sunrise. Cole hits a superkick, but Ishii shrugs it off and takes down Cole with a kick to the back of his head.

    Ishii charges into a kick but replies with a headbutt. Cole charges right into a big clothesline by Ishii. Jay White runs down to ringside and pushes Rocky Romero into the steel ring steps. Cole hits a low blow on Ishii and hits The Boom and that gets the pin.

    Winner: Adam Cole

    – Video from earlier in the day shows security preventing Chris Jericho and the rest of Jericho Appreciation Society from entering the building. They are banned from the building for tonight’s match between Eddie Kingston and Daniel Garcia.

    – Back from the break, Lexy Nair catches up with Hook. Danhausen is crushing a bag of chips. Hook walks up and SPEAKS. “You wanted my attention. You got it now.”

    Lancer Archer vs. Serpentico

    Shawn Spears is on commentary for this match. Archer is set to face Wardlow on next Wednesday’s Dynamite.

    Serpentico tries a dive to start but Archer doesn’t budge. Back in the ring, Archer crushes Serpentico in the corner and brings him out with the Black Out to get the pin.

    Winner: Lancer Archer

    Archer hits a few chokeslams after the bell.

    – We get a video highlighting the business relationship between Mark Sterling and Tony Nese.

    Eddie Kingston vs. Daniel Garcia

    The rest of the Jericho Appreciation Society is banned from ringside. So are Santana and Ortiz.

    Kingston goes right at Garcia and lands some strikes. He chops Garcia in the corner and charges in with a running boot strike. Garcia rolls outside and Kingston follows him out. Kingston lands some more chops on Garcia against the barricade and sends Garcia into the steel ring steps. Garcia catches Kingston and pulls him into the steps. They go back into the ring where Garcia maintains control and grounds Kingston.

    Garcia hits some knees to Kingston’s ribs while he’s down on the mat. Garcia with a kick to the back of Kingston but that only fires up Kingston and he reverses into a kick to the back of Garcia. Garcia with more knees to Kingston’s midsection. Kingston gets back to his feet and they trade strikes in the middle of the ring.

    Garcia backs Kingston into the corner and hits some forearms and mounted punches. Garcia bites Kingston. Kingston turns it around and bites Garcia. Kingston rolls outside but Garcia follows and shoves Kingston into the ring post as we go to the picture-in-picture break.

    Back from the break, Garcia and Kingston are against trading chops in the middle of the ring.

    Garcia finally hits a chop that staggers Kingston into the corner. Kingston comes back with his own but Garcia responds with some European uppercuts and locks on an abdominal stretch. Taz on commentary is all over Garcia’s attack on Kingston’s midsection. Garcia hits a German suplex for a 2-count.

    Garcia stomps Kingston down in the corner, but he charges into a boot by Kingston and Kingston follows with a knee to the back of Garcia’s neck from the second rope. Garcia catches Kingston in a Boston Crab. Kingston is able to reach the ropes. Garcia switches to a Sharpshooter but Kingston gets the ropes again. Garcia hangs on to the hold for as long as referee Bryce Remsburg will allow.

    Garcia brings up Kingston by his arm. Kingston slaps at Garcia’s face to escape and hits an exploder suplex for a 2-count. Kingston signals for the spinning back fist. Garcia blocks it by grabbing Kingston’s leg. Kingston hits a backdrop driver and then hits the spinning back fist and that gets the pin.

    Winner: Eddie Kingston

    Kingston takes off his belt after the match but doesn’t hit Garcia with it. Instead, he gets the microphone and tells Chris Jericho, “I’m saving this whipping for you.”

    – Backstage, Tony Schiavone is with Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland. Lee says he looked up to Taz but he tarnished their match last week in New Orleans. Strickland says Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs won a battle but “the war is far from over”.

    – Back to the commentary desk, Starks says Lee and Strickland don’t want a war with them.

    – Tony Schiavone is backstage with Dr. Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, and Toni Storm. Storm wants to know if Baker has ever left Pittsburgh and knows anything about her. Storm says she’ll see Hayter in the first round of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament and maybe she’ll see Baker later.

    – Mark Henry chats with Jade Cargill, Mark Sterling and Marina Shafir. Sterling says he’s a black belt too. He bought it on Amazon.

    TBS Championship Title Match: Jade Cargill (with Mark Sterling) vs. Marina Shafir

    Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet are once again present in the Baddie Section.

    Staredown to start. Cargill uses her quickness to avoid Shafir’s first strike but Shafir quickly gets onto Cargill’s back. Cargill powers her off. Shafir charges into a fallaway slam by Cargill. Cargill clotheslines Shafir over the top rope to the floor. Cargill follows and slams Shafir into the barricade right in front of the Baddie Section. Red Velvet gets a bunch of shots in on Shafir while referee Aubrey Edwards is admonishing Mark Sterling.

    Back into the ring, Cargill stomps on Shafir. Cargill with the crossover taunt and the diving back elbow onto Shafir in the corner. Cargill pulls her out and gets a 2-count. Cargill gets a little cocky and Shafir picks her ankle. Shafir transitions to a front headlock. Cargill powers up to her feet but Shafir still has the hold. Cargill brings Shafir all the way over into a powerslam for a 2-count as we go to the picture-in-picture break.

    Back from the break, Cargill has Shafir grounded. Shafir escapes with a judo throw.

    Shafir goes after Cargill’s leg and takes her down. She maneuvers into a knee bar in the center of the ring. Cargill fights her way to the ropes to break the hold. Shafir rolls to the floor and wraps Cargill’s knee around the ring post. Sterling gets too close and Shafir takes him down. Shafir goes back to Cargill and kicks at her leg. The Baddie Section distracts Shafir and Cargill hits a pump kick to Shafir. Cargill hoists up Shafir and chokeslams her onto the timekeeper’s table.

    Cargill lifts Shafir back into the ring. Cargill pauses to pose with the Baddie Section before getting back into the ring. She tries to pin Shafir with one foot but Shafir grabs her leg and locks on a submission hold. Cargill repeatedly boots Shafir in the face to escape. Cargill hoists up Shafir and hits Jaded to get the pin.

    Winner: Jade Cargill

    Cargill retains the TBS Championship and moves her record to 30-0. Dollar bills and balloons fall from the sky as she celebrates in the ring as Rampage goes off the air.

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    Just could not get into Rampage.

    Thank you for LC

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