AEW Dynamite

This week on DYNAMITE on TBS, it's a Philly Street fight between Hikaru Shida and Serena Deeb. An Undisputed Elite 10-man tag. FTR goes one-on-one in a Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifier match. Wardlow takes on Lance Archer. Plus, a TNT Championship Ladder Match!

– This week's show kicks off with the opening video package. We're live inside the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, PA. where Jim Ross welcomes us to the show. CM Punk makes his way over to join J.R., Excalibur and Tony Schiavone on commentary for our opening contest of the show.

Owen Hart Cup Qualifying Match: Dax Harwood vs. Cash Wheeler

The two men lock up early on, and then they work each other’s arm, with Cash Wheeler taking his opponent down to the mat. They go back and forth with more wrestling, and then come up to a standing ovation as they shake hands. Wheeler drops his partner with several shoulder tackles, but he then responds with an arm drag.

Dax Harwood ends up poking the eye of Wheeler, and that leads to Cash firing up and shoving him as he then responds with a knee strike. The two then scale to the top turnbuckle as Harwood nails a superplex, which leads to both men being down. Dax misses with a diving headbutt, and then Wheeler connects with a baseball slide to send him to the floor.

Wheeler then continues the attack inside the ring, sending Dax sternum first into the turnbuckles. He then hits a German suplex, maintaining the waist lock as he hits another two. However, as Cash looks for a fourth, Dax reverses and hits one himself. The two men then have the same thought, hitting the ropes and colliding in the middle of the ring.

FTR then go back and forth with punches, and then they exchange a couple of near falls. Harwood looks for the slingshot powerbomb, but Wheeler reverses it with a hurricanrana, almost catching him with a pinfall afterward. Dax then goes for the same move, and this time he connects, but Cash is able to kick out!

Dax cuts Wheeler off on the top turnbuckle, but Cash then slides underneath and pushes his partner down, leading to his knee brace being caught on the turnbuckle. Wheeler then looks to launch Harwood off the top rope, but he adjusts in mid-air, landing on Cash instead, who then has to kick out.

The two men then spill to the outside, with Wheeler tweaking his knee. FTR get into the ring just before the 10 count, and Harwood then goes for the Sharpshooter, but he then comes out of it as he doesn’t want to hurt his partner. However, he then decides to go for it, but Wheeler goes for a roll-up pinfall, only for Dax to then reverse and get the win!

Winner: Dax Harwood

– AEW announces that CM Punk will challenge for the AEW World Championship at Double Or Nothing. CM Punk then gets on the microphone and says he has never been in a more talented locker room than this. Before he came here, he asked himself if he could still do this.

Punk says now he can stand here and say, hell yeah he can. He’s a fan of Adam Page, and to not disparage anyone he’s faced, other than Eddie Kingston, is everything has been warming up. He can’t promise a win, but he promises to give 100%. Without the fans, there is no CM Punk, without the fans he doesn’t come back to wrestling.

Punk says he isn’t a gambling man, but he will always bet on himself. At Double Or Nothing, Page will know he has been in a fight, and he is going to fight until the wheels fall off.

– Backstage Dan Lambert says this match tonight is not a coincidence. Scorpio Sky then puts over his accomplishments, saying he was screwed out of the title. He’s not here to complain, and he didn’t as Frankie Kazarian to step aside to lose. The Philly crowd is here to see him beat Sammy’s ass, and there can only be one face of TNT, which is him.

Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Factory

Blackpool Combat Club start out just attacking their opponents, with brawls happening outside the ring while Jon Moxley attacks Nick Comoroto. He dominates and Aaron Solo tags in and gets the same treatment from Mox with his forearm strikes. Wheeler Yuta then comes in and he lights up Solo with a dropkick.

Nick comes in again, but he eats another dropkick only for Comoroto to respond with a big back body drop. He charges Yuta in the corner, and QT Marshall then tags in, and he starts picking him off, as The Factory make frequent tags to remain in control. Comoroto dumps Yuta out of the ring before slamming him into the ring apron.

Solo begins attacking Yuta, and Moxley tries to help, but he gets knocked to the floor for his efforts. Marshall comes back in and mocks the Yes chant, but Yuta responds with a suplex. Bryan Danielson tags in and he starts lighting up Solo with uppercuts, chops, and kicks. Bryan nails a tope suicida, taking out the other members before coming back in with a missile dropkick to Solo.

Solo avoids the kick, but he instantly gets put into the LeBell Lock which QT breaks up. Moxley then launches him across the ring, and he and Bryan then go back and forth to the opposing corners to attack their opponents. Bryan then gets pushed off the top turnbuckle, but as Solo dives down he eats a dropkick to the face.

Yuta and Comoroto tag in, and The Factory member dominates again, throwing him around. Wheeler counters with several submissions, and he then reigns down with elbow strikes to the bigger man. Bryan and Moxley come in and they lock submissions on their opponents while Yuta smartly sets Nick into a pinning submission for the win.

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club

– Tony Schiavone is with Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, and Toni Storm. Toni says she will see Jamie in the first round, and she wants Britt to say hello to her friend, Ruby Soho. She notices they always have something to say, and she can’t imagine a better way to make the change than dropping them right now. Baker says there’s no physicality, so they’re going to visit Ruby’s home, catering.

– Backstage Jungle Boy says he knew he could have won last week. Christian Cage says he sounds like a loser, but that was a teachable moment. He says they can right a wrong, and they put out a challenge, but that leads to Ricky Starks appearing. He challenges them to a match against him and Powerhouse Hobbs.

Lance Archer vs. Wardlow

Before the match, MJF and Shawn Spears are shown in the box. He claims women in Philadelphia use their personalities as birth control, and then he claims Archer will beat the pig (Wardlow) now. He has to come out to no music once again with a security escort. While the security starts taking off his handcuffs, Lance launches himself into them to take down Wardlow.

However, in the ring, Wardlow leaps into a hurricanrana, who then leaps over Archer as he drives him into the corner repeatedly. Wardlow then slams his opponent down, but Archer looks for a Chokeslam. Wardlow powers out, and both men think about a clothesline and drop each other.

When they rise the two men trade blows, but Archer then scales the ropes old school style to drop down and take out Wardlow. He follows it with a huge Chokeslam, but Wardlow kicks out. Lance then sets up the Blackout, and he nails it, only for Wardlow to reverse the pinning attempt with one of his own.

Archer gets out of the situation, and he tries to set up his finisher again. Wardlow starts fighting back from the turnbuckle with a series of headbutts, and he then hits a huge senton, and Archer kicks out! Wardlow then nails a Powerbomb, and the symphony begins. He follows it with another three moves before getting the win.

Winner: Wardlow

– Angelo Parker kicks things off, claiming they had to agree that to no physicality, which the JAS have done, and so have the ‘rats.’ Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz then hit the ring. Chris Jericho tells everyone they’re lucky enough to be living in his era. He says they deprived the world seeing him last week.

Jericho demands an apology, but Ortiz says he has something better, and he flips the bird.Santana does the same, and he says Jericho turned his back on the two men who know him best. Daniel Garcia interrupts and mocks the eyebrows of Kingston. He says the threats mean nothing as they can’t hit them.

Eddie Kingston says he hates all of this sports entertainment crap. He says they’re going to get Chris regardless, he doesn’t care if it’s five on three. Jericho says that is the problem, as they’re not smart enough to realize it’s five on three, so they’re putting a hit on them, and will take them out one by one.

Kingston asks him if he knows what a hit miss, he says in his world that means he ends things. Jericho says no wrestling company wants him, it’s his last chance, so he needs to stand and do as he is told, b---h. Eddie says he isn’t going to hit him, he can smell the fear coming off him. Eddie says they’ve done it before, they’ll put them in the ground, as he tells Jericho they’re not prepared to do that.

Philly Street Fight: Serena Deeb vs. Hikaru Shida

Serena Deeb hits several uppercuts to start, but Hikaru Shida then drops her, and this turns into an all-out brawl. They head to the outside, and Shida sets up a chair to run and jump, but Deeb just gets out of the way. Shida is able to catch her, slamming Serena into the top turnbuckle several times.

Hikaru sets Deeb across the top ropes, and she then charges in with a knee strike. Shida tries to catch Deeb with a knee strike, but she blocks it with a chair. Serena then hits the knee breaker, dropping her onto the chair. Deeb then hits a swinging neckbreaker, but Hikaru kicks out. Serena then continues attacking the knee, wrapping it up in the bottom ropes as she locks in a submission, and then just stomps down on her.

The Professor continues to use the chair, swinging it at the knee of Shida. Hikaru hits a great reversal though, launching Deeb face-first into the chair. Deeb then launches some powder into Shida’s eyes, and she follows it with several big kendo stick strikes. Shida hits a body drop, and she gets hold of a kendo and swings blindly as she can’t see. This hits Deeb, and she then cleans up with some water.

Shida launches off the steps with a missile dropkick, and she follows that with some kendo stick attacks. Deeb counters well with the chair, but as she goes to the top rope, Shida uses the weapon herself. She then hits an Avalanche Falcon Arrow, but Deeb kicks out! Hikaru lifts her opponent up, but Deeb uses a thumb to the eyes and she plants Detox on the chair, but Shida kicks out.

Deeb sets up the Serenity Lock, and she adds insult to injury by hammering the knee down to the chair. Deeb then gets the Texas Cloverleaf locked in, and that earns her a submission win.

Winner: Serena Deeb

– MJF and Shawn Spears are backstage, and he says he has a plan. MJF says he has a plan, and it’s a good one. He gets on the phone to someone and asks how they’d feel about making six figures in one match. He says next week, Wardlow faces a man who is smarter, and taller…and you can’t teach that!

– The lights go out, and Fuego Del Sol is shown laid out. Malakai Black looks to pull the mask off him, but Alex Abrahantes then appears in the ring, he says they’ve been waiting for the moment to blindside the House Of Black. Penta and PAC then appear, but Alex then appears dressed normally, and the person behind them is Rey Fenix!

He swings a shovel, and Death Triangle begins the attack, with Fenix lighting up Buddy Matthews with his pace, hitting a foot stomp. Death Triangle then all launch themselves out of the ring, taking down the House Of Black, standing tall in this spot.

– Swerve Strickland is backstage with Darby Allin. Swerve says friends is a strong term, they’re rivals who beat each other up, and he’s looking forward to making Rampage Swerve’s house. Darby says he hates to break it to him, but AEW is Darby’s house, as he’s been here since day one, and he will show him why the tournament is his as well.

Undisputed Elite vs. Varsity Blondes, Dante Martin, Brock Anderson, & Lee Johnson

The Undisputed Elite get the jumpstart on their opponents, attacking them from the start. Dante Martin is able to take down Matt Jackson and Kyle O’Reilly though, and he brings in Brian Pillman Jr, who attacks Kyle, alongside his partner. Griff Garrison works with his partner, but The Young Bucks then come in and get ring of them.

Lee Johnson and Brock Anderson deal with them, and they all start taking each other out one by one. The babyfaces stand tall, and Martin and Johnson leap outside to take down their opponents.Brock Anderson then gets distracted, and that allows Bobby Fish to take advantage. He takes him down and then launches himself back into the ring with a senton.

Once again the action spills out of control in the ring, but this time it is Undisputed Elite that take control, and Nick Jackson plants Johnson face-first before diving outside against the rest. The Young Bucks attack them again with more dives, taking complete control. They hit a four-way BTE Trigger as Cole comes in with the Boom.

Winners: Undisputed Elite

– Backstage, the Jericho Appreciation Society have attacked Santana, Ortiz, and Kingston. They are dominating the situation, and Jericho then throws a fireball in the face of Eddie.

TNT Championship Ladder Match: Sammy Guevara w/Tay Conti vs. Scorpio Sky w/Dan Lambert

Before Sammy Guevara can get to the ring, Scorpio Sky meets him in the entrance and begins brawling with him. He launches Sammy into the guard rail, and he goes to get a ladder. As he brings it down, Sammy tries to baseball slide him, but Sky lifts the ladder, then moves backward and smashes it into the champion.

Guevara turns things around with a German suplex onto the ramp, and he then sends the challenger into the barricade. Sammy gets one hand on the title, but Sky brings him back. Sammy catapults Sky, but he leaps up and starts climbing, only to be dragged back himself. Guevara then climbs some of the ladder, and he flips down backward, just clipping Sky, but mainly hitting hard himself in an awkward-looking landing.

Sky then tries to climb, but Sammy pushes the ladder, which leads to Scorpio crashing and burning on the top rope. Tay Conti then takes a shot at Sky as well, adding insult to injury. Sky hits a well-placed kick to Sammy, and Sky then starts climbing. But with a ladder propped in the corner, Guevara leaps across in mid-air, but he gets caught with a cutter from Sky!

Scorpio then pulls out a ladder wrapped in barbed wire, but he is then man that ends up in it as Sammy hits a standing Spanish Fly. Guevara then grabs Lambert, and Conti comes in, hitting a low blow to him. But Paige Van Zant then hits the ring, and they start brawling as Sky and Sammy do the same.

The champion and Conti come out on top after Sky and Paige turn around to celebrate initially being in control. Sammy props up the barbed wire ladder against the top rope, but Sky then pops up and drops Sammy. He starts climbing, but Sky gets on his back. Paige does the same to Sammy, and the two men climb with the women on their back.

Paige and Tay fight at the top, and then the women end up dropping down and fight again, taking each other down with the roundhouse kicks. Sammy flips Sky, but he bites the finger. Guevara fights Sky down, but Sky then pulls the ladder, and Sammy slams onto the barbed wire ladder and bounces off. Sky climbs up, but Guevara springboards back! However, Sky fights him down again, and he regains the title.

Winner and NEW TNT Champion: Scorpio Sky

– After the match, Ethan Page hits the ring to celebrate. Frankie Kazarian then appears, and he and Sky share respect to each other.