Ric Flair‘s final match was everything fans expected and more. The wrestling veteran gave one of the best performances of his life and won the bout.

However, he also took some scary bumps during the fight and was a bloody mess coming out of it. This only added to the concern of fans who were already worried about his health going into the event.

PWinsider provided some early updates on his health following his match. They noted that two doctors were waiting for Flair in the locker room and he was checked immediately after he returned.

According to a source, the former world champion was ‘great’ after the bout. He was spent after the outing but he took some rest. After being checked out by the doctors, Ric Flair said that he was starving and wanted to go eat.

As scary as the bout was, the news coming out of the show is that the Nature Boy is fine, and he was headed out to enjoy the rest of his evening in Nashville.

The 73-year-old had been talking about his health issues openly before the PPV. It’s a good news for fans that he appears to have come out of the match relatively healthy.