Current UFC Star Sam Alvey thinks that his stint with the MMA giant might be coming to an end soon, and he is eying a potential WWE career if that turns out to be the case.

The MMA star is set to face Michael Oleksiejczuk on ESPN 40 on Saturday, August 6. With a 33-17-1 record, he is not sure he will be fighting again after his upcoming match.

Alvey talked about the possibility of this being his last UFC fight in an interview with SportsKeeda. He said that if his relationship with UFC ends, he ‘desperately’ wants to join WWE:

“You know, if the UFC and I decided not to continue our relationship together, I want so desperately to be in the WWE. That is what got me into fighting, to begin with. I love that sport. I love every part of it. That would be a dream.

But I like fighting so much, I don’t want to stop. I’m sure I will land on my feet in, I don’t know, Bare Knuckle boxing, maybe, I’ll go back to Bellator, or, I love tournaments the PFL tournament might be perfect for me,”

Later in the interview, Sam Alvey also discussed his love for pro wrestling and revealed who were his favorite wrestlers as a child growing up.

He noted that he loves The Rock and claimed that Chris Jericho is high on his list too. Alvey revealed that he has been re-watching stuff from Jericho recently.