The wrestling world has been shaken with the retirement of Vince McMahon. The majority of the wresting fans didn’t expect to see this day anytime soon. However, in only a few short weeks, the boss has not only been forced to relinquish all his positions in the company but his name has essentially been erased from the promotion.

It all started with the first allegation that was made against the boss back in March. It was revealed that McMahon had signed an NDA worth $3 million with a released WWE employee. Dave Meltzer discussed it during his appearance on Talk Is Jericho. He explained how the allegations became public despite an NDA:

“She had an NDA, somehow one of her friends found out. Her friend sent a message to every member of the board [of directors]. So this would have been in late March saying, ‘This is what happened.’ [She was] very negative about [WWE attorny] Jerry McDevitt , like pressuring her and things like that.

She [the ex-employee] couldn’t come out but somebody did, and they investigated and found out that it was real. In the investigation they found out it was not the first NDA. That there had been several others over the years.”

The discovery of the first NDA led to further investigation. It unearthed more nondisclosure agreements related to misconduct claims against Vince McMahon totaling $12 Million. These NDAs had not been disclosed in WWE’s SEC filing which is believed to be a big reason why the WWE owner had to leave the promotion.