Now that Bayley is back on WWE television, she is looking to help behind the scenes and lead the locker room.

Bayley returned from a torn ACL at SummerSlam, bringing along Dakota Kai and IYO SKY as a new faction.

While speaking on WWE After The Bell, Bayley discussed how it will be a long road to get certain people and the locker room on the same page. She believes if they worked a little less selfishly, everyone would see the bigger picture as she thinks it feels like they’re in this tunnel of showing the bosses what they have and what it takes. That makes them turn against each other.

“No, let’s show them all what we can do. If we all show them that we can get along and do a show and we’re not going to complain about every little thing, then it will make them want to give us more because we’re easier to work with. There is a fine line between fighting for what you believe in and then trying to make the best out of every situation. I think I can help the girls that I bring in navigate these things to further the division. I want the tag titles to come back and play a very important role on the show.”

The Women’s Tag Team Titles haven’t been used since WWE stripped Sasha Banks and Naomi of the titles after they walked out in May. WWE had plans to do a tournament to crown new champions, but since that announcement, no further details have been given.

Bayley continued by stating that she gets along with almost everybody and thinks she can have everyone realize she’s not doing this to be selfish but rather because she wants things to be better for everyone.