We have some notes to pass along regarding the changes that were made to WWE Monday Night RAW from Madison Square Garden last week.

As noted, last week’s episode of Monday Night RAW from Madison Square Garden was the first episode of RAW without Vince McMahon. McMahon retired shortly after investigations began into his sexual misconduct allegations.

It was noted that the show had already been written and approved days before McMahon retired.

However, there were some slight tweaks made to the show. Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that an in-ring promo between Drew McIntyre and Theory was scheduled before their match.

However, it was cut after Roman Reigns‘ opening segment ran long. Also, because of the change due to time, the match was called in the ring instead of being planned out completely.

WWE has decided to now let their talents improvise more in their matches. The only exception being certain key spots with particular top stars.

For example, the Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus match on the following SmackDown was called in the ring, with the exception of the key spots and run-ins that were laid out beforehand.

Thus far, the changes implemented under Triple H as the new head of creative have been welcome ones.