WWE appears to be easing up their policy on restricting certain words for talent that can and can’t be said on television.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that the promotion is easing up on certain terms that have been restricted in the past. Specifically, the words “wrestler” and “wrestling” are not considered to be “dirty words.”

In the former regime, talent weren’t allowed to use those words without prior authorization. Talent backstage consider it to be a positive change. In fact, since Triple H has taken over as head of creative, morale backstage amongst talent has been positive and fresh.

However, some people are still taking a “wait and see” approach. Women, in particular, are said to feel like there will be more focus on them. Other talents are said to be worried about their spots now that Vince McMahon is gone.

With that being said, Triple H is said to be someone who comes across as though he cares about the talent. He assumed the role of head of creative after Vince McMahon decided to retire.

McMahon made the announcement on his retirement shortly after investigations begin into his sexual misconduct allegations as WWE CEO – a position he has also since stepped down from.