If you’ve been following entertainment news this week, you’ll know that the DC Comics film ‘Batgirl’ has been canceled.

The film was supposed to see Leslie Grace play the iconic character in the first stand-alone live-action film for Batgirl.

WarnedMedia had reportedly invested over $90 million into the project before canning it, in one of the biggest net losses for any movie project ever.

Batgirl isn’t the only big cut from WarnerMedia, as the company has been making sweeping cuts across the board.

In April, it was announced that WarnerMedia was shutting down its CNN-Plus service, one month after its launch.

During the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that AEW may not be immune from these budget cuts.

“Your parent company [Warner Bros. Discovery] is slicing budgets everywhere, they are stopping movies and TV shows in production, it’s been a bloodletting there and there’s probably more to come. The timing for AEW, with their deal coming up at the end of next year, last few days haven’t been looking good.”

AEW’s current deal with WarnerMedia will reportedly last until the end of 2023 and a lot is riding on a new deal.

Tony Khan has been telling wrestlers who have shown interest in leaving to stay, promising that a new, better deal will be reached, resulting in higher pay for the roster.

Earlier this year, Dave Meltzer was confident in AEW’s chances, saying “it would take someone who just hates wrestling” for AEW to be canceled.