Both AEW and Tony Khan have kept quiet about MJF since his Dynamite promo, and the wrestling star himself also seems to be maintaining his silence very well.

According to Fightful Select, the Salt of the Earth has effectively ‘vanished’ from the wrestling world. They have not heard from a single AEW talent who has admitted to hearing from the young star since his explosive promo.

Plenty of people who have worked with him or are close to the wrestling star have also denied having any communication with him. Tony Khan has not talked about him to anyone since his Dynamite appearance either.

The report noted that MJF remained in Los Angeles for a few days after his last AEW appearance. Although he was there conducting non-wrestling meetings.

His latest sighting was in New Jersey last week, where he was filming with crew members of Impractical Jokers. Though it’s not confirmed whether he was shooting something for the show.

There are people within the company that still believe MJF is on his way out. The belief is he wants to join WWE instead.

On the contrary, a lot of fans think that this is all a work and Tony Khan is holding off MJF’s return for a CM Punk confrontation. Whether or not that actually happens will be revealed when Punk comes back.