Thunder Rosa isn’t afraid to have a sense of humor regarding past criticisms.

The AEW women’s champion wore a “sandbagging” t-shirt on this past Wednesday’s edition of Dynamite, a behind-the-scenes term that means a wrestler makes themselves heavier during a lifting spot so their opponent looks weaker or inept. Rosa got accused of “sandbagging” Marina Shafir in a TV matchup earlier this year.

Rosa talked in-depth about the decision to make a shirt on the latest edition of Busted Open Radio.

“So using the sandbagging t-shirt is a way for me to say keep bullying me because I’m gonna make money out of it. All right, straight up. You’re gonna call me fat. Well, guess what? I’ll be the biggest fat bitch in the world. Boom.”

La Mera Mera adds that people will have their opinions, especially critics, but there is no denying that when the women’s division is given a chance in AEW they can truly shine, much like they did on Wednesday. On that night Rosa teamed up with Toni Storm (ThunderStorm) to battle Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker, a bout that got over huge with the crowd in Columbus.

“I’m gonna do it because I’m gonna own it. I’m not a sandbagger. Let’s be honest; people are gonna have their opinions, fine. Have your opinions. Right there on Wednesday, the four of us, we showed up, showed off, and we have the people chanting; this is awesome. Why? Because they don’t get to see this all the time.”

Rosa and Storm were on the losing end of the match, with Hayter picking up the deciding pinfall for her team. Tony Khan has since booked Hayter to challenge Rosa for the women’s title at tomorrow’s Battle of the Belts III television special.