Kevin Owens is ready to hold tag team gold in WWE.

The Prizefighter recently spoke appeared on the TWC Show to discuss the matter, as it is the one title he has not held since joining the promotion back in 2014. In that time he has captured the NXT championship, the United States championship, the Intercontinental championship, and the Universal championship. However, Owens has not held a title in five years.

When talking about winning a tag title he states that his top pick as a parter is his longtime friend/rival, Sami Zayn.

“Of course. I’ve never been a tag team champion. I’d love to be tag team champion anybody. Well, maybe not anybody. There are a couple of guys I could see myself winning the Tag Team Titles with, obviously, Sami is at the top of the list.”

Owens and Zayn have been dominant as a tag team elsewhere in the pro-wrestling industry, so a win here would be what Owens calls, the ultimate good moment for the duo.

“That would be the ultimate good moment for us, to achieve that. We’ve been tag team champions everywhere we’ve went, except for WWE. We definitely have to get that checked off the list soon enough.”

Owens confronted Drew McIntyre on last night’s Monday Night Raw.