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    Angry Becky Lynch Reveals How Much Creative Freedom She Has On The Mic

    WWE is notorious for forcing stars to memorize scripts and lay out every move of a match in advance. However, there are many top stars who have broken this stigma recently. Becky Lynch is one of the names who apparently has the freedom to say what she wants on the mic.

    The Man recently took part in an Instagram Live session with Seth Rollins, The Rock and former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz. During the interview, she was asked if she has to memorize promos word by word as well. Lynch claimed that she gets to write her own promos for the most part:

    “Thankfully for me it’s not like that and it’s not like that for this guy [Seth Rollins] either. We get a promo and sometimes there’ll be lines in it that you have to hit,”
    said Becky Lynch, “They’ll often be that the lines that you’re like ‘That doesn’t sound like she would say that’ But for the most part we’ve gotten to the point where we’ve gotten enough equity and we’ve gotten enough trust that, we get to write our own promos."

    She continued: “It’s usually a collaborative process where if I’m comfortable with my writer, [I’ll go] ‘Well what do you think of this. I feel like it’s gotta hit more and I think we could do more with this.’ And a lot of the times they’ll come up with a good line. It’s collaborative that way when you’ve gotten that equity, but I think when you first come up [it’s different]. Like when I first came up, I was too scared to say anything out of turn. I was like ‘oh these are the words on the page, I must say every single word exactly as it is.’ Thankfully it’s not like that anymore.”


    ***GAME OVER!***

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    Gawd, I remember when Vince McMahon wrote everything that Reigns was saying. lol

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