Fans have been asking for it and now it’s officially happening. Deadline reports tonight that Warner Bros. is developing a brand new sequel to the 2005 Constantine movie!

Keanu Reeves is back as Constantine, with Francis Lawrence back to direct Constantine 2!

Deadline also reports, “Akiva Goldsman will write the screenplay and produce the project through his Weed Road Pictures, alongside Bad Robot’s J.J. Abrams and Hannah Minghella.”

“Reeves will reprise as supernatural exorcist and demonologist John Constantine who in the original is dying but stays around to save his soul by keeping demons from hell from breaching earth. He also gets between a battle between the archangel Gabriel and Lucifer.”

Lorenzo DiBonaventura and Erwin Stoff will executive produce the upcoming Constantine 2.

With 2005’s Constantine amassing a fan following over the years and Keanu Reeves’s career currently hotter than ever thanks to the John Wick movies, it makes sense that Warner Bros. is now interested in bringing the DC character back to the big screen. The 2005 movie made $230 million worldwide back in 2005, against a $100 million production budget.

Matt Ryan brought the character to the small screen in 2014 with NBC’s short-lived “Constantine.” He has continued to play him in various other live action & animated projects.