WWE could be about to move the date of next year’s WWE Day 1 premium live event, despite the show’s name.

WWE Day 1 is the latest event to be added to the WWE calendar, with the first event happening earlier this year.

As the name suggests, the event took place on January 1, 2022, the first day of the calendar year.

Despite the name Day 1, next year’s WWE Day 1 may not take place on January 1.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it is reported that WWE is open to changing the date.

At this time, WWE Day 1 2023 will take place on January 1, at the State Farm Arena, in Atlanta, Georgia.

This would see the show fall on a Sunday, WWE’s traditional pick for Premium Live Events, though WWE has moved several events to Saturdays this year.

The Observer reports that and an announcement will be made next week if WWE changes the date, but that the venue will remain the same no matter the date.

Brock Lesnar appeared at this year’s WWE Day 1, and had been scheduled to face Reigns (then just the Universal Champion.)

That match was canceled as Reigns had tested positive for Covid-19, and Lesnar was added to the WWE Championship match which he won.

The Observer also reports that Lesnar’s next match in the United States will be at the WWE Day 1 2023 event.

The report specified that this will be Lesnar’s next match in the United States, keeping the possibility of an appearance at WWE Crown Jewel on November 5.