On Friday night, Josh Alexander defeated Frankie Kazarian in a 40 minute battle at Over Drive to retain the IMPACT World Championship.

After the match, Alexander was greeted by Bully Ray. Ray praised his match with Kazarian. He told the champ, “that’s what professional wrestling is all about.” He followed that with, “you are the most incredible world champion on the planet right now. Every company out there, I choose you every single day.”

Ray had his trophy with him him and reminded Alexander that when he said when he won the Call Your Shot gauntlet match, that when he decided to cash in, he’d do it face to face. “…I’ll look you in the eye and shake your hand and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m challenging you at Hard to Kill.” Ray told him that if he shook his hand that meant he accepted the challenge. Alexander did and the match is set.

Bully Ray being Bully Ray had to create heeeeaaatttt. Ever since he returned to the IMPACT Zone, any and every one would tell Alexander not to trust Bully Ray, foreshadowing the most obvious result.

Ray came through while Alexander was ringside talking with his wife, Jade. He blindsided the champ with a big boot, followed by hitting him repeatedly with a chair. Jade pleaded with Ray to put the chair down, but to no avail. As he continued to hit him, Ray asked why he ever trusted him.

He pulled a zip tie from his shorts and tied Alexander to the ring rope. A frantic Jade was still trying to plead with Ray, who dragged her over the barricade by her hair. He warned Alexander to stay where he was before positioning Jade for a piledriver on the concrete.

First, he directed Alexander not to get up or he’d piledrive his wife on the concrete. Immediately after, he yelled for Alexander to get his title. When Alexander did as directed, he made him hand him the title, while still holding Jade in a precarious position. The clip cuts off after this.

Alexander vs. Ray is official for Hard to Kill in Atlanta, GA on Friday, January 13.