Booker T had a dream run in WCW. He started off at the bottom as part of the Harlem Heat tag team and worked his way up to the main event scenes, eventually becoming the final WCW champion in the history of the company. Apart from his talent, Booker’s luck played a big part in his success, including his first singles title in the company.

The wrestling veteran recently appeared on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character. Talking about WCW, the former world champion mentioned how he got to learn a lot during his time in the company. T then recalled how he won his first singles title because Rick Martel had forgotten to bring his wrestling boots:

“I miss WCW. I had a great time getting polished up, to cut my teeth in WCW working with a lot of great talent. Just getting a chance more than anything. That’s the only thing I was looking for in WCW – a chance and an opportunity.” said Booker T, “I got several opportunities in that company. Every time I got an opportunity, I pretty much cashed in on it. When I got the Television Championship, it was because Rick Martel had forgotten his boots. He forgot his boots and he was supposed to win the championship that night from Disco Inferno.

He thought he was coming to TV just to do an interview but they still had to get the title off Disco. So they said ‘Book, we’re gonna put the title on you and we’re gonna give Rick Martel a couple of weeks down the road. When [will] that [be] we’ll figure that out. We’re gonna put it on you tonight.’ I was thinking ‘Man you put the title on me, you’re never gonna get it back. I’m gonna hold onto that title forever. What are you thinking.'”

You can check out Booker T’s full interview below: