Kairi Sane signed with WWE in 2016 and competed in the Mae Young Classic. She won the NXT Womenís Championship by defeating Shayna Baszler at TakeOver: Brooklyn IV.

She formed the Kabuki Warriors tag team with Asuka on the main roster in 2019. The team was briefly managed by former WWE Superstar Paige, now known as Saraya in All Elite Wrestling.

Sane exited WWE in December 2021 after her contract expired and has since returned to Stardom. The 34-year-old also recently became the inaugural IWGP Womenís Champion in the historic X-Over event between Stardown and New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

During a recent interview, the IWGP Womenís Champion explained the differences between wrestling in America and in Japan. Sane noted that the talent usually didnít know the card until the day of the show.

"In particular, I felt the card isnít fixed until the day of. Itís really right up until we go on air. If you know the card beforehand, you can put it together or plan out a strategy, right?"

Kairi added that wrestlers in the states oftentimes donít have the opportunity to prepare for their opponentís moves.

"You find out when you get there. There were people you were facing for the first time too and it was all done live.

That is why you canít practice or prepare for your opponentís moves. Moreover, you had a time limit. You couldnít go over time."